And It’s Summer

I’m kind of the worst. I love this little corner of the interwebs and I don’t want to leave it, but man, am I slow to get posts up.

Truth be told, the last few weeks have been a blur. Every weekend since May I’ve had to work different local events,  I managed to badly sprain my foot which has led me to lack of exercise but lots of sexy foot braces and I’ve been traveling for consulting work all over. What that means is, that unique and fun recipes are NIL. Wild nights at new restaurants are NOPE. Fun exercise classes and workout gear are NADA. And travel that isn’t related to an Airport Hilton is ZILCH. So yeah, not very much fun for a food and travel blog.

Having said all that, I thought I’d share some life pics from the old iphone. Fun.

As always, let’s start with a cocktail….
I made this at home. My version of a Paloma: Fresh grapefruit diced cucumber and basil muddled together, mixed with tequila and club soda. Refreshing as all get out. IMG_9884
My favorite on a plate. The gorgeous board my friend put together for her sister’s birthday party. All courtesy of Trader Joe’s. Damn that guy knows his awesome charcuterie.
Pretty little steamed bun, courtesy of E+O Kitchen. They have a ridiculous brussels sprouts and fried shrimp “salad” that is not remotely salad-like other than it comes in a bowl. Of freaking deliciousness. IMG_9922Is it time for bourbon? Trick question. It’s always time for bourbon. Attended a fun little bourbon tasting with the always-lovely Molly Wellmann at the Cincinnati Flower Show….IMG_9930…..followed by drinks and dancing to local favorite, The Naked Karate Girls. These guys are basically a wedding band on speed. Costume changes, TP cannons, foam, and fun danceable music. Always a good time.

A quick trip to Boston put me in front of my favorite deli, Zaftig’s. I devoured my Matzo Ball Soup and Reuben. Sigh. I love you, deli. Does Cincinnati have good deli? I have yet to find it. Talk to me, random internet readers, you’re my only hope.
Back home, I enjoyed this Strawberry Pig Cream Ale from Christian Morelein. I kind of really, really love it. I’ll leave the heavy, overly-hoppy IPAs to the hipsters and sip the easy drinking cream ales ANY DAY. Weigh in? Pro-IPA or Against? I hate IPAs. I think it smells and tastes like feet. Cheers!  IMG_0584
A simple dinner I made at home. My favorite roasted lemon salmon, grilled asparagus and a quick olive rice pilaf. Tiny salad courtesy of my little garden. When people say “I’m single, I can’t be bothered to cook for myself ,I literally want to punch them in the face. If you don’t cook and feed yourself well, why would someone else deserve it?” FEED YOURSELVES WELL.IMG_0377
A cured salmon garnish in my Bloody Mary at the St. Paul’s Fish Co. at the Milwaukee Public Market (work travel, yup). We literally ordered one of everything on the menu, plus a whole lobster. But yeah, cured salmon that tastes like bacon? I’ll take 500 more please.
Where I spent 3 full days bartending for the Bunbury Music festival. Literally I can’t look at a bottle of Jack Honey.  But I did get to look at all the bands playing that area, including the Killers and Florence the Machine. So yeah, #spoiled. IMG_0640

Even more spoiled but a delicious, boozy, candle-wish filled brunch at Red Feather. I’ve said it before – their brunch is OFF THE HOOK. I had an omelet, and pancakes, and lemon semi-freddo and allthethings. Because I’m a birthday brat, my friends ensured that every item that came to me had a birthday candle in it, even my espresso. So many wishes. So much grateful.


So that’s what’s been eating around here. Till next time, folks.


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