#TBT Vegas By The Bite

Try as I might,  I often start blog posts, get distracted by something else I want to write and the original post languishes, sad and unread. NO MORE! In honor of Throwback Thursday (#TBT), I’m finishing these forgotten gems (?) and sharing them. Some are from a couple of months ago, some are from years ago (fun!). Enjoy taking a look back at some awesome travel and eats.

Two summers ago, I got my Vegas time in for sure. I love Vegas, as you can see.
In addition to shopping, shows and gaming, the dining scene is excellent.
While still a Valhalla of buffets and steakhouses, Vegas boasts some of the best dining options in the country and I ain’t mad at that.

To start my Vegas travels off right, I usually kicked off my weekend with a Champagne flight from Vino Volo at the airport. They consistently carry a Gruet Rose that I love.

Cheers to Vegas!
Bouchon is a favorite for brunch, and I usually visit at least once each visit. This open-faced egg sandwich (with darling cornichons!) was delightful as always.

One one visit, girlfriends and I tried Jaleo (at the Cosmopolitan). We loved their Spanish menu (but dang was it loud in there #weareold).

Iberico ham, Marcona almonds,  Manchego cheese, paella, Chili Relleno and saffron spiced cauliflower. Yeah, that’ll do.

Hash House A Go-Go (Quad/Linq)

We heard the rumors and had to see for ourselves. Yes, that would be Hash House A Go-Go’s famous GIANT breakfasts. I got the fried chicken and waffles (I ate, oh about 1/4 of this) and that’s my friend Liz attempting to wrangle one of their plate-sized pancakes. We ate valiantly.

Koi (Planet Hollywood) and Mizumi (The Wynn)
On the MUCH lighter side, I sampled sushi from two Vegas favorites, Koi and Mizumi on my visits. While it is slightly odd to me to eat sushi in the desert, both restaurants are entirely top notch and very scene-y.

The spicy tuna and the famous black cod from KOI. IMG_8907Mizumi’s gorgeous presentation of sushi, which we devoured after seeing….IMG_8870…SHANIA TWAIN, oh yes, on one visit, girlfriends and I saw SHANIA TWAIN. A random choice for a girl who loves punk music, but Miss Shania put on a HELLUVA show that had us singing, laughing and crying for 90 minutes. She’s also super gracious, sings in the audience (girl be TINY) and genuinely seems to love what she does. #win

No Vegas trip is complete without plenty of pool time, and on each occasion I got my fill…

IMG_8748….pool drinks. #champagnecocktailsallday

Where’s a Vegas favorite spot for you?



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