NYC with the Bridal Bean

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I have an awesome friend and long-time (aka my very first) reader, Bean. Several years ago, Bean met Tito. He wooed her with his love of puzzles, good food and fondness for travel and a few weeks ago those two kids got married. Nice, right?

Prior to the big day, myself and 3 other girlfriends met the Bridal Bean in NYC for a girls’ weekend. Loosely translated to mean tons of good food, wine, shopping and a few random adventures.  I’ll spare you the salacious details because I still want to be invited to their house and will focus directly on the FOOD.

The weekend kicked off with us girls checking into the lovely Nomo Soho, which was perfectly located for our eating and drinking festivities. We took Bean on a little scavenger hunt of local stops including….IMG_9359Momofuku Milk Bar! Christina Tosi, you crazy beast – your ice creams are off the chain delicious. The four of us shared a cereal milk soft serve with cereal topping (pictured) and a pretzel soft serve. Um, I LOVED the pretzel soft serve. I’m a fool for anything salty and sweet and this was incredible. My only regret? Not getting caramel sauce on it. #regrets.

After some walking, shopping and an emergency stop in Forever 21 for a black blazer (a required outfit for that evening), it was time to snack again!

Over to Esquina Tacos for margaritas and tacos.
IMG_9373Hello boys. Sigh. I had a spicy margarita and it was everything. I want another one now. IMG_9379
Never one to turn down a good fish taco, I rolled with the Pescado Estilo Baja Tecate beer batter, red cabbage, guacamole, chipotle mayo on a flour tortilla. It made my fish-taco loving heart sing. The girls also went with the other taco choices and Esquina’s delightful greens infused rice.

After wandering back to the hotel, we lounged around for a bit and chatted, gave Beany some fun gifts and had a toast with these beauties. I will drink anything in a slim can with a straw. It’s a fact. IMG_9410After toasts and gossip, our girl gang split up, some for shopping, some to do some work and some (ahem, me) to nap in a gorgeous hotel bed. I will always choose nap.

Much later, we suited up for our night’s adventure. Not being the traditional sort, we knew Bean wouldn’t want your usual “bachelorette party” i.e. tiaras, sashes, penis hats, etc. After chatting about it with her, we decided on…a bachelor party. Suits, Steakhouse and Cigars.  Fun, right? Being the shy sort, no pics of us in our black suited glory; but imagine a Robert Palmer video and a pretty blonde bride in a white blazer.

Naturally, we brought along our (See’s chocolate) cigars for the evening.
We dined at The Striphouse and it was a valhalla of steakhouse deliciousness.

Dirty Martinis, FRIED BACON for a starter, filet, roasted brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes for dinner, plus a baked Alaska en fuego for dessert. I felt very Wall Street.

The rest of the evening remains top secret but rest assured, it was a blast.

After our model’s 10 in our cozy hotel rooms, Sunday morning dawned bright and hungry!
No fear, off to Freeman’s for an early brunch.
I enjoyed their Shakshuka (a baked egg & tomato dish) and 3 gallons of coffee. Regrettably, we were TOO early for cocktail service. Pity.

We wandered, shopped and talked (yes, I like to think the miles of walking somehow made a dent in all the calories we ate, yes? please?) and found ourselves in front of Doughnut Plant. How did that happen?

IMG_9476We each picked flavors we liked and shared the lot of them over the course of the afternoon. Naturally I picked the giant fluffy coconut one and I’m NOT sorry to say, I barely let anyone else get a bite in. Other flavors were Pistachio, Oatmeal Raisin, Creme Brûlée, Carrot Cake and Strawberry. I’m not a doughnut person. Given my choice of breakfast sweets, doughnuts are low on the list, but these rich, chewy and light bites of confectionary heaven had me believing. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF A DOUGHNUT.

We spent the afternoon, you guessed it, walking and talking. We had some happy hour drinks at Pieces for Drag Queen Bingo! I’m proud to say, out of 2 rounds, we had 2 winners from our group. Thanks Miss. Delightedtobehere!IMG_9493We scampered to our dinner reservations (as one does after cheap drinks at Happy Hour) to dinner at Galli. Naturally, our waiter was from Cincinnati, naturally. He and I chatted all things Queen City while I drooled over the menu.

We shared Arancini and Mussels for the table, both favorites of mine and I opted for the Pasta Vognole for my dinner. It was excellently prepared and I loved every tender little clam in my giant bowl of pasta. I love you seafood. I’m sorry I live in a land-locked state.

We rolled ourselves back to the hotel for face masks and pajamas (we were back to a bachelorette party rather than bachelor party at this point).  We rehashed the weekend and agreed it had been a delicious success. IMG_9522Here’s to Bean and Tito getting married so we could spend a weekend in NYC eating and drinking. Marriage, it benefits everyone. ❤



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