Numi Savory Tea

Savory tea is a thing. I KNOW. It’s weird and amazing.

In the winter, I like to drink warm beverages all day. Coffee, Hot water with lemon and broth. I like drinking broth between meals; it’s warm and filling, a little snack. But I worried that I was drinking a salt pile every time I had a cup, so I sought an alternative. Something like a soup? Sort of filling but low-calorie and low salt? Maybe a tea? But not CandyCaneGumdrop sweet?

After some google time, I found NUMI Organic Savory Tea!
I found this at my local grocery store (whoo hoo for Kroger!) I tried the Garden Sampler, which has 6 blends of Savory Tea (though some of the flavors are sold individually).

The flavors:
Tomato Mint, Broccoli Cilantro, Beet Cabbage, Spinach Chive, Carrot Curry & Fennel Spice.
FullSizeRenderThe Verdict? Um, I love them. All of them.  They hit the perfect (not sweet) spot of something snack-like but no calorie.  I fix myself a cup when I walk in the door from work. Rather than pour a glass of wine, I prepare a tea and that  while I cook dinner and unwind – it’s a perfect little before-dinner something!

Here’s my rundown on the flavors:
Spinach Chive & Broccoli Cilantro: Both are the most “soup-like” and taste very similar.I like these best when I’m feeling “snack-like.”
Fennel Spice: The most tea-like, it has the barest hint of sweetness, but I love the kick of the fennel.
Beet & Cabbage: This is so redolent of borscht, you’ll want to add sour cream and dip a blini in it. Delightful. It also turns the most pretty pink color (see below).
Tomato Mint: So zippy and fresh and bright, it’s a sippable gazpacho. 
Carrot Curry: Unfortunately, my least favorite (but still good) of the bunch. I can’t get past the notion Carrot Curry soup should be smooth and creamy (like a real soup!) so I find this on the weak side.
These are also perfect to throw into rice that’s boiling or noodle dishes as well. I often sip on the same cup for one refill and find that the flavor remains strong.  They’re not cheap (about $7.50 for 12 teabags), I find that they’re worth the price!

I also want to try this savory yogurt too. #weird

Not in ANY way sponsored by NUMI.
I just liked the tea and wanted to share. All product was purchased by me!


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