In the Cart: Volume Who Knows

Your Kind of Salad is now The hANNEmaiden – same goofy content, new name and look – thanks for staying with me!

It’s time for another addition of WHAT’S IN THE CART? AKA I show you what I bought grocery shopping and how I plan to use it. It speaks to my voyeuristic soul. Enjoy!

This week’s shopping was all done at Kroger. I love my beloved Findlay Market and Whole Foods but this was a busy weekend and Kroger was it; still got awesome stuff so let’s see:


– Whole Chicken (spoiler alert, we do ALOT with this next week)
– Flax tempeh (switching it up from the usual tofu). Is delicious crumbled onto salads.
– Eggs: my favorite; breakfast, lunch, dinner, #putaneggonit


– Tis the Season! I LOVE eggnog (have I mentioned I’m 500 years old?) But I don’t typically drink cow’s milk or hundreds of calories in one glass so I REALLY REALLY love the non-dairy, lower calorie nogs this time of year.
I typically use them as my coffee creamer. No chemicals like those other “holiday creamers” and dairy-free.
I love you, nog.
– A big ole’ block of swiss cheese. I have some dark rye bread at home and a Swiss cheesy-melty grilled cheese and tomato soup sounded awesome for this week.
– Unsweetened almond milk, I always have this for cooking or baking (but not for coffee drinking, the NOG has got that this week).


IMG_8293 – Sigh. Most of time, I’m 500 years old, but I can be about 9 years old too. I love my Annie’s Mac and Cheese. I hide this in my pantry amongst my expensive vinegars and oils and secretly LOVE ON IT. Don’t tell.
– Nut-Thins. Super crunchy and delightful.
– Knorr chicken bouillon. The best grocery brand. Hands-down.
– Coffee, because you know, LIFE.
– Mulling spice. I had some 4-day old opened red wine the other day and was contemplating what to do with it. I ended up throwing it in a saucepan with brandy, some nutmeg and cinnamon (in a little cloth sack) and falling in love with it’s warm comforting flavor. Decided to try it officially with mulling spices. Cheers to hot boozy drinks!



The backbone of any shopping trip, here’s what I got for produce:

– The world’s largest bag of frozen broccoli, seriously, I think this was 5lbs? I love broccoli. Don’t be weird about it.
– Kale greens, perfect for soup and pasta!
– Baby spinach: staple of my salads and when they start to go wilty? Baby spinach makes awesome pesto. This is why I usually buy arugula or other salad greens separately from spinach, the spinach lasts longer on it’s own and makes a better pesto than the more delicate greens. #themoreyouknow.
– Radishes, Tomatoes, Red Cabbage and Carrots:  I love my salad veggies!
– Garlic, it’s cold and flu season people, get this into your diet, stat.
– Bag o’ apples (Braeburns I think?). Snacking, cooking and baking.

All this delightfulness for about $60. We’ll take it. Stick around to see what we cook with it!



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