When the Fridge is Bare….

I was having one of those weeks where I made it a personal challenge to use EVERYTHING in my fridge before going grocery shopping (hey, I work from home, sometimes I need to find ways to entertain myself).

After using everything I could possibly use,  I was down to this: IMG_7370[1]

Also, I love you forever Polar Seltzer. Please know I scrubbed out the vegetable drawers before going shopping too.

I stocked up on all kinds of good stuff this past weekend at my favorite Findlay Market and Saigon Market.

To the fridge!
IMG_7589From Saigon Market: 

  • Crispy fried onions (for salads or soups)
  • Water Chestnuts & Baby Corn (for stir-frys)
  • Coconut Milk & Tom Ka paste for Asian-style soups
  • Brown Rice Vermicelli Noodles (for Asian-style soups)
  • From Gibb’s Cheese Stall: Triple Cream Brie, Smoked sliced Gouda and Parmesan.
  • From Blue Oven Bakery: Nut & Seed bread (DIVINE)
  • From Dean’s Market: About 1/2 lb of rolled oats



  • 2 pints grape tomatoes
  • 2 heads of broccoli
  • 3 giant carrots
  • big ole head of Kale
  • giant piece of Ginger
  • garlic
  • sack o’ potatoes
  • fresh cilantro
  • salad greens
  • 4 lbs of Honeycrisp apples
  • Baby pumpkin for festiveness!

Fun tip: Most of this produce was from the “Only $1 table” at Findlay and some of it had bruises/dents. But other than the salad greens, I was cooking everything else, so I just cleaned everything well and trimmed away the nasty bits. Perfect. All the produce you see here was $12. Yup. Not bad.  Lose the conventional idea of “perfect produce” and reduce food waste by using what may not look perfect but tastes just as good.
My soapbox for the day.

So where’s the beef? I had some turkey frozen at home, and had already bought eggs from the farm, so I was well-stocked for proteins!

So what did I do with all of these groceries? 
– Broccoli and Carrots: cleaned and trimmed, roasted with smoked paprika and olive oil
– Apples, peeled and trimmed, tossed with cinnamon, brown sugar, fresh ginger and oatmeal for an apple-crisp (to be eaten at breakfast warm, with a few spoonfuls of coconut milk)
– Tomatoes: halved and roasted, tossed into pasta with Parmesan cheese.
– Kale, trimmed and cleaned: Stirred into a turkey soup. Also roasted with olive oil and garlic for kale chips
– Nut & Seed Bread: Layered with apples and brie for grilled cheese
– Asian vegetables and noodles stir-fried with coconut milk/tom ka paste and stir-fried eggs.

Not quite sure what I should do with the potatoes, I suspect some sort of Gouda/potato gratin is in my future….
Do you let your fridge get bare?
What’s your favorite thing to make when you’re low on groceries? 


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