Market Bounty

Just sharing a little pile of good stuff from our beloved Findlay Market!
Spoiler alert, you’ll recognize a few items that had gone into the Panzanella, but I don’t always post things in order. I am a maverick like that.

My groceries were a great mix of the best of what Findlay offers: local farm finds, produce vendors, fresh bakery items and a few grocery items from the local in-market stores.

Let’s see what I got!  IMG_4220

  • Farm Fresh Eggs: Obsessed. Buy them if you can. You’re welcome.
  • 2 pints of Roma Tomatoes ($1 each) from the produce vendors. They were a little bruised (hence the cheapo price) so I sliced off the nasty bits and made sweet, crisp roasted tomatoes (to be added to egg dishes or salads). Always a good tip to buy in bulk when produce is inexpensive – you can cut away the nasty bits, and cook or pickle items.
  • 1 pint of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. Drool. I’m hoarding them.
  • 1 purple sweet pepper. Similar in taste/texture to a green pepper but more mild.
  • Hiding back there, a couple of avocados.
  • An actual basil plant! I tried TWICE to grow basil from seed this spring  (#sproutwatch2015) and it just wasn’t happening. I bought the seedling, wish me luck!
  • Sweet corn! Yay for summer food. #sighofhappiness
  • Kale All Day. I’m currently obsessed with making kale chips to dip into cottage cheese (I’m 5,000 years old). Just rolling with this super simple recipe.
  • The beautiful olive fougasse bread. Panzanella magic. Crazyawesome grilled cheese.
  • A packet of brown rice vermicelli noodles from Saigon Market, a local Asian and International food store right in the Findlay Market area.
  • Finally, a POUND of Ricotta Salata (a firm-feta like cheese) from Silverglades deli. This was crazy good as an addition to Panzanella but also? You can grill or lightly fry this cheese (similar to a halloumi). I’ve been grilling a thin slice, adding sliced heirloom tomatoes and a fried egg for breakfast. I know, right? I KNOW.

All these for the grand total….of about $35. Protein, dairy, grain, produce…yup, love Farmers’ Market season!

What are you loving at your Farmers’ Market lately?


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