A Taste of Cinquecento Boston

A quick trip to Boston found me in front of a lot of family fun and a quick, but lovely dinner with my friend, Jen.

After discussing revisiting one of our old haunts; Jen proposed Cinquecento, a new favorite of hers. A quick perusal of the menu had me more than ready to try it, fork in hand. IMG_3210Cocktails were a simple affair; a Campari & soda for Jen and a Prosecco for me. However, their signature cocktails sounded delightful and I had major cocktail envy when the table next to ours were raving about their Minuetto: Prosecco, Vodka, Elderflower, Grapefruit, & Lemon. Um, yes.
(could I please have this poster delivered to my house? please and thank you)

After reviewing the Antipasti and Contorni for starters we settled on two to share: Chilled Snap Peas, Radish & Ricotta Salada and Fresh Burrata, Fennel, Pistachio Oil & Figs.

Both were excellent. The coolness of the snap peas with the radish crunch and salty tang of the ricotta was a perfect palate opener. I can see myself recreating this dish for summer dinners in the days to come. IMG_3215
Fresh burrata? What is there not to love? The light creaminess of the cheese paired perfectly with the astringent bite of the fennel and the sweet and tangy figs. We crushed this.
IMG_3214Entrees were an easy choice for us. While the Pesce e Carne sounded decadent (hello…Prosciutto Wrapped Veal Tenderloin, Cabbage Fonduta and Marsala) and the Lobster and Whole fish specials were intriguing; we were there to shove house-made pasta into our faces. Real talk.

I opted for the Bucatini alla Carbonara: House Made Pancetta, Pecorino & Black Pepper because I always #putaneggonit.  Jen selected the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese: Veal, Beef, Pork, Pancetta & Parmigiano, a dish she had previously and loved.

My dish was charming. The expertly cooked bucatini was sauced with the delicate egg and pancetta carbonara. My gluttonous self would have liked a touch more pancetta; but I suppose that would be have been gilding the lily (gilding the bucatini?). I happily sopped up each saucy bite with the table bread offered. Always, always #putaneggonit. IMG_3218
The star here was the Bolognese. The tagliatelle was the perfect pasta pairing; silky enough to easily twirl on the fork yet sturdy enough to hold each tender bite of sauce. What a sauce. I could taste each complex layer of flavor: the mirepoix, tomato, cream and three tender meats. I wanted to snatch the bowl off the table and run away and hide with it. But I was wearing heels. I am also not in the habit of snatching my dining companion’s dinner, but there is a first time for everything.
IMG_3211I look forward to returning and trying more of the menu. And next time, I’m wearing flats.


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