Between the Bread: Great Sandwiches of Late

A staple of elementary school lunches.
Joey Tribbiani’s favorite food.

I don’t always go for a sandwich at first, but there have been some notably awesome ones around town lately that I had to share.

Sleepy Bee
I’ve raved about Sleepy Bee in the past; but only about their brunch. This is a travesty, as their lunch items are equally thoughtful and delicious.

On this day, I opted for the The BeeKeeper: in-House roasted Amish Turkey with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, Muenster cheese, sprouts, quick-pickled onion, nectar sauce on Shadeau [Bakery] toasted mulitgrain  bread.

As delightful as it sounds; creamy, savory with the perfect hit of pickle….good. I had the little greens salad on the side with their house-made honey dressing.

Son of a Preacher ManIMG_2729
I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about Son of a Preacher Man; but most notably I heard the chicken and biscuits were to die for. A biscuit-loving friend and her baby arrived in Cincinnati for a visit; and it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. Since we had a little guy in tow, we opted for take-out; so I can’t comment on table service but take-out service was quick and efficient.

We tried both the Sunday Best and Nashville Hot Chicken on biscuits (along with grits, and macaroni and cheese). Um, incredible. Perfect biscuit, not too doughy, but right amount of crumb. The Sunday best chicken was crispy and juicy (a feat in the chicken world) and the Nashville Hot had a hint of spice; but nothing like the Hot Chicken I had in Nashville.

Absolutely perfect; I can’t recommend the chicken biscuits enough.

A recent Sunday brunch found me nursing a Bloody Mary at Maribelle’s and getting my face into this:   IMG_2854That would be their Sunny Side Eggs* – truffle aioli + gruyere + arugula + tomato + whole grain with a side of cheddar grits

IMG_2857Truffle aioli? Gruyere? Eggs? Ok, lover, I’ll bite. Swoon. I smashed every bite of that savory delciousness. The cheddar grits were a perfect, creamy, spicy foil to this lush breakfast. Did the trick, as always.

Another Sunday brunch was spent sipping champagne and catching up with a friend at Motr. A rock music venue; they also have a great, casual food menu and a really fun brunch.

Sticking with my favorites of late; I opted for a BLT with fried egg (which came with tater tots, fun!). 23978 glasses of champagne, not pictured.

IMG_2978Finally, my own little open-faced sandwich I made at home: Multi-grain baguette, avocado, Roma tomato, goat gouda (nutritional yeast, salt & pepper)

Sometimes simple is the best.

What good sandwiches have you had lately?


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