Something Sporty is Happening. Get Snacks.

Word on the street is that there is something sporty happening this weekend.
While I applaud others’ interests and amusements, watching a ball get tossed around has never been my thing (unless accompanied by game day tickets and beers. I have my (ridiculous) standards).

What IS my thing are the snacks consumed during the sporty thing. I’ve dug into the recipe page and pulled out some big game favorites for your viewing pleasure. Some small bites, some robust salads and a few party-friendly mains. Plus allthemacaroniandcheese. What’s your game day specialty?

Beer Bread with Apple Bourbon Cheddar Cheese Spread
Rosemary Lemon Chex Mix
Bacon Jalapeno Cheeseball
Mini Artichoke Bread Bowls
Vegetable Stuffed Nachos
Goat Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
Greek Cous Cous Salad
Cobb Pasta Salad
Tortellini Pesto Artichoke Salad
Antipasto platter

Jambalaya and Fall-off-the-bone Chicken
Thai Pork Quesadillas
Fish Taco Bar
Chicken & Mushroom Mac & Cheese
Rosemary Pancetta Mac & Cheese

Fish Tacos                                                                    Vegetable Stuffed Nachos

Bacon, Jalapeno Cheeseball                             Chicken & Mushroom Macaroni & Cheese

Happy sporting.


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