New to Me and Maybe You: Whole Foods Finds

Howdy friends,
Just stopping by to share some Whole Foods finds.
Some are old favorites that I just want to rave about; some are new and exciting (to me), and some are such a bargain from Whole Foods, I just have to scream about them so I can justify spending so much cash there otherwise.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?

From the Fresh section:
Shrooms: Dried Porcini mushrooms from the bulk bin. These babies are $56.00 a pound BUT since they’re dried and you only a small amount, the amount above (about 1/2 c.) was only $3.00. Literally less than a Starbucks latte. I can’t wait to do something naughty with these. The bulk bins have tons of other products you may not have considered (pink sea salt anyone?) The bulk bins, they’re not just for granola anymore. Cheese: The $5 or less tray in the gourmet cheese section. Oh how I love thee. A perfect way to try something new or create an interesting variety on a cheese board without having too much of any one flavor. Dough: I LOVE buying their whole wheat pizza dough. The ingredient list is literally: Whole Wheat Flour, Yeast and Salt. Can’t beat that. Not a fan? Another little tip: Is there a pizza place in your neighborhood you love? Almost all places will sell you a pound for their dough for a few bucks; just ask, it’s usually not on the menu.

From the Aisles: IMG_1424Nuts: Much has made for the case for luscious nut butters (Maranatha, I don’t doubt the amazingness of your organic raw almond butter but for $17/jar, it had better make itself into a sandwich); Whole Foods 365 brand offers peanut butter, almond butter AND cashew butter, which is my favorite (all for about $4-$7). Treat yo’ self to cashew butter.
365 Organic Peanut Sauce. Honestly, this may be my favorite bargain in all of Whole Foods. Its organic, costs $2.99, tastes amazing and is only 25 calories/1 gram of fat per tablespoon. Unlike other greasy and fatty peanut sauces, this one is perfect.  I use it to as a dipping sauce, stir-fry sauce or even drizzle it on salads or sandwiches (try it with leftover pork loin, shredded Napa cabbage and a bit of cilantro on crusty baguette, you’ll thank me). Herbs: Ginger: I’ve long sung the praises of Dorot frozen herbs. I’ve recently discovered they have ginger and I quickly snapped it up. I haven’t been able to find the cilantro in a while…but garlic and basil are aplenty. Sliced lemongrass: I’ve purchased this item before and loved it! I like to throw together Asian-inspired dishes at home; and lemongrass is one of my staples. I like using the Gourmet Garden squeeze herbs; but this sliced lemongrass has the great benefit of adding texture as well as flavor. Win.
Sweet Drops: Sooo, here’s my dirty little secret: I use Splenda in my coffee. Gasp!  I rarely drink soda or eat “sugar-free” processed foods, so my fake sugar intake is limited to two packets of Splenda a day. I’ve tried Stevia, Truvia and even regular sugar in the raw, and honestly, I usually go back to my Splenda. I love toffee/caramel anything, so I’m trying these “Sweet Leaf “drops as an alternative to my Splenda habit. I’ll be reporting back. Report back: The verdict is that the toffee flavor is great, but it still has that “stevia” aftertaste to me. However, I think I’ll stick with it, as Ineed to kick the Splenda habit…and that bottle has 258 servings, so 257 more to go.

From the Health & Beauty Section: IMG_1426
I’m all over the map as far as where I get my beauty products. Some from the drugstore, some from the department store, LOTS from Sephora; but there are a few items I love from Whole Foods,, like their all natural antiperspirants; and citrus body wash. I picked up these two items as impulse buys to try. I have sensitive skin, and good ole Skintimate doesn’t do it for me for shaving cream. I normally use Shea Moisture African Black Soap, which is essentially shea butter for your legs, but I’ve been struggling to find it of late at my local stores so I’m trying this Kiss My Face brand. I also picked up this all-natural eye make-up remover from Alba. I’ve tried their other products and liked them, so I have high hopes for this one.

What fun thing have you found lately?

Post not sponsored in any way, I just like grocery shopping and sharing it with you.


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