After grueling winter here in the Natti, it FINALLY, FINALLY seems like Spring is here.
By that I mean, its been 4 days since its snowed, so here’s hoping. Feeling cautiously optimistic.

To that, my groceries this week are also feeling cautiously optimistic.  Lots of spring produce and lighter fare.
Let’s see what I got: IMG_8171
Oh strawberries, how I’ve missed you.  In addition to produce tasting better in their correct season, they’re usually MUCH cheaper (2 lbs for $5!) during their season as well. Asparagus is another spring favorite(1 bunch – 99c!) I bought three. Spoiler alert….there’s a soup recipe in your future involving Asparagus and those Leeks in there too. Can’t wait? Try these other asparagus favorites. Other veg fun: Roma tomatoes, Kale, Spring Basil, Radishes, Broccoli, Mushrooms and Peppers. For the last two weeks, my Kroger has had gorgeous tri-color peppers for 99c each. Typically they’re $1.50 each! Um, I bought five last week and five this week.
Fear not, for those I’m not devouring raw, I used this method to store.

Other things:
Fryer chicken for roasting (I am obsessed), Castelvetrano olives (my favorite), Sunflower Seed butter (trying a change from Peanut and Almond butters) and finally Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts for throwing into Asian-style stir fries.

Finally, new dairy. Already a fan of Almond milk and goat cheese, I decided to try another non-cow dairy product: Goat’s Milk Yogurt and Sheep’s Milk yogurt.
Often I find non-Greek yogurt to be too runny for my tastes, but we shall see!
Full write-up to come. I also picked up a goat’s milk brie back there as well. Viva le goat! (what?)

What did you buy this week? Anything particularly springy?


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