Last Bite

I’m lucky enough to find myself in front of a alot of good meals. Sometimes I snap a pic and sometimes I don’t. After a couple of months; my phone is a smorgasbord of delicious bites. I love sharing these with you (and reliving that last bite).

Nibble away friends.

IMG_0138                             IMG_0149
Ladies who lunch. A pre-holiday lunch with some Cincinnati girlfriends found us at Orchids at the Palm Court. I enjoyed the shrimp salad and then we shared the dessert sampler and a few Bailey’s & Coffee….plus some pre-Christmas girl-time. A perfect way to kick off the holiday season.
IMG_7718 IMG_7726
At home in Boston for the holidays, my sister gifted me a Massachusetts shaped cheese board. I think its wicked pissah. Incidentally, when she was visiting Cincinnati, she purchased an Ohio shaped cheese board. At holiday parties, we can start building Cheese Board Map of the US. Look for it at a party near you. On another day during my break, my sister, niece and I enjoyed deliciously fragrant Pho at a local restaurant in Quincy,
Pho Hoa. Pho, I can never quit you.
IMG_7855 IMG_7856
Back home in the Natti, I was cooking up a storm. I made my favorite Macaroni & Cheese; but instead of bacon, I stuffed it full of spinach, so yeah, it made it, you know….healthy.
I also had 3 semi-smushy apples languishing in my crisper….off to the Internet to find out what to do with them! Low-Fat Apple Cake from The Realistic Nutritionist fit the bill. Honestly, this recipe was PERFECT. Dense, apple-y with the right amount of crunch on top. You should make it…like now. I’ll wait.

IMG_7951                                        IMG_7923
How is your apple cake? Anyway, while you were baking, I’ve been spending a bit of time in Chicago for work these past few weeks. Incidentally, I’ve gotten to enjoy some delightful bites. On the left would be the amazing Butterscotch Pot de Creme, ordered from room service while working late one night. It was creamy, sweet with the perfect complements of marmalade-like kumquat and crisp shortbread cookies. Butterscotch forever.  On the right, was a Eggs Florentine from my favorite breakfast place, Yolk. Since I was dining solo; I sat at the breakfast bar; and the service could not have been better. My giant plate of fresh fruit and creamy, luscious eggs was yeah, pretty nice too.

IMG_7934                              IMG_7937
Back in my own little house, it was chicken time. Oh Mr. Chicken. There is something so darn comforting about roasting your own chicken. Again, I use Miss How Sweet’s method, and it comes out PERFECT every. single. time.  Super moist and tender, it’s literally the perfect chicken. The perfect chicken turned into Eat Live Run’s White Chicken Chili. I loathe red chili; but something about this creamy, slightly spicy soup is so darn fantastic; I can handle the fact that its called “chili”. That little chicken also turned into a chicken and vegetable bake, a dish of wings/legs covered in hot sauce and a  curried chicken salad.
One bird, 11 servings, think about it.

IMG_7956                                                 IMG_7964
Since my beloved Honey closed. I’ve been missing my boozy brunch spot. Enter Maribelle’s Eat + Drink.  The space was open and cozy, the bloody mary’s were house-made and deliciously spicy. Bonus? They add their own pickled vegetables to the drink, and are the perfect salty companion. For brunch, my friend and I both ordered for the Baked Eggs with Cheesy Jalapeno Grits and it was LITERALLY the best thing I’ve eaten in 2014. Smooth, runny egg baked in a ramekin with cheesy, slightly spiced up grits, covered with peppery arugula. I want to eat this again NOW.  I finished the weekend at Red Feather Kitchen. In addition to their charming bites, I enjoyed (several) of the Eastsider; a gorgeously prepared mix of bourbon, blood orange syrup and a few other decadent things. Divine.

Thanks for reliving my last bites.
What’s been the best meal you’ve had lately?


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