You Always Need a Lemon

Hi friends, Still chilling along here in polar vortex Midwest.
I do not remember a time when my feet weren’t freezing. Sigh.

Let’s focus on other things, shall we?
Like groceries. I do love to see what other people grocery-shop for; and I assume you all do too. So let’s forget about the next arctic blast and see what I picked up this week.

Clementines! I’m addicted to these little vitamin C bombs; in addition to be cold and flu fighters; they’re just so darn cute. I find it impossible to eat one at a time, 2 at a minimum.

Blue Diamond Nut Thins: I love the snap and crunch of these little crackers. They’re gluten-free if you’re into that jazz.

Simple Truth Organic Popcorn: I do not have a microwave (gasp!) When I moved from Boston almost 3 years ago, I sold it; and never looked back.  Normally, when I make popcorn, I go for the old-school stove top; but thought I’d like this delight for at-work snacking.

Vegetables: Radishes, Broccoli/Cauliflower, Cucumbers and Mushrooms. All to be used in salads or for snacking. I am loving thinly slicing radishes, COVERED in sea salt and black pepper for a pre-dinner snack. It’s oddly satisfying. Normally, I would buy a giant tub of baby spinach too; but I still have some from last week. Winning!

Center-Cut Bacon: My theory on bacon? It’s a flavoring not a side dish Two slices of cooked, drained bacon is enough to flavor a Mac and Cheese or a pot of soup without stuffing your arteries. Flavor not side dish, think about it.

Amish Roaster Chicken: Rather than deli meat; I opted to buy a little Amish Roasting Chicken to have for soup/salads this week. My patented method is Miss Jessica’s; and it.never.fails. Literally, it produces the most perfect roast chicken ever. Do it. Today.

Big ole Butternut Squash: Not sure what I’m going to do with this bad johnny…maybe roast it in rounds? Make soup? Make Butternut Macaroni and Cheese? Only time (and inspiration will tell).

Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix: My favorite; this makes an excellent dip mixed with non-fat Greek yogurt and fresh dill. Honestly, people rave about it. Thanks, Knorr.

Shallots: Feeling like changing it up from yellow onions; I purchased a few shallots. A milder flavor than regular onions, these are perfect in salad dressing or in a delicate risotto (oooh, Butternut Squash Shallot Risotto? Stay tuned).

Fun things: I discovered this new DREAM Almond Milk Caramel Latte. Holy moly, this is DELICIOUS. I love that its ready-to-drink and almond milk! Honestly, it’s a bit sweet, so I’ve been using it as a coffee creamer in my hot coffee rather than drinking it straight (plus at $1.99 each; it stretches it out a bit). Muscle Milk 100-calorie shakes. A friend had these; and I tried one a few weeks ago….these are PERFECT for breakfast or a sweet treat in the afternoon; low-sugar, low-carb and only 100 calories. I’m really digging these! Wholly Guacamole 100-calorie packs. Guac is one of those things, I can EASILY overdo it on, so the little packs are perfect for portion control and for bringing to work. Premier Protein bars. I’m traveling quite a bit these days; so I like to have these bars in my bag for emergencies. High protein, low carb; these are a great for a hearty snack or light meal replacement. Chocolate/Peanut Butter is the best flavor in my opinion. Finally, I’ve been loving this Satori Tuscany Reserve Shaved Cheese mix. I prefer the shaved to the grated; you get great flavor from the varieties of cheese without having to use too much.

Pantry things: DeBoles Brown rice pasta with golden flax: I do tend to buy Brown Rice pasta; I think the texture is the same; and I prefer the brown rice version at home. I’m not gluten-free; but I like experimenting with gluten-free options! Simple Truth Organic Vegetable broth. My Kroger sells this for $1.69. Um amazing; I use this in everything: Soups, sauces, rice; and the price cannot be beat. Treat yo’ self to a carton or 5. Green chiles and cannellini beans; I bought these to make (spoiler alert) Eat Live Run’s White Chicken Chili. I HATE red chili; but this creamy, spicy, chicken “chili” is fantastic.

Lemon: Cause, well, its a lemon. You always need a lemon.

What did you all buy this week? What are you cooking?


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