Seasonal Indulgence

Hi holiday friends!
I’m sure you’re in your shopping-cookie-present haze. Same here. (Plus, I can’t stop watching Love Actually, just…can’t).

Just stopping by to share some TOTALLY indulgent treats I’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks, all in the name of the holiday season.
Warning: this will make you drool on your keyboard.

The always delicious Terry’s Turf Club was the balm to my snowy soul one night. Manfriend and I braved the weather to get our faces into one of these gorgeous burgers. That’s just a “plain” cheeseburger with grilled onions. I managed about half, Manfriend helped me with the macaroni and cheese; and I still had more than enough for lunch the next day. Terry’s: always a win.

IMG_7439Due to the nasty weather recently, my office holiday party was cancelled and rescheduled. Because there was catering ready to go; Funky’s Catering kindly brought it into the office for a holiday lunch the next day. I wasn’t super hungry for lunch so I skipped the main meal….and went straight for the dessert.
IMG_7496Krispy Kreme donut flambeed in butter and brandy, topped with ice cream and a choice of candy bar  toppings. I sprinkled peanuts, coconut, heath bar and a few butterscotch chips.  Um, how do you describe a donut and ice cream ball of happiness? I’d love to say that I had two bites and saved the rest, but yeah, I ate this all and then proceeded to be a sugar coma for the rest of the day. #worthit.

Not nearly as candy-coated but just as delicious was this incredible BLFGT (Bacon, Lettuce, Fried Green Tomato with Fried egg)on multi-grain bread from Otto’s. I mean this was basically the BLT of my dreams, given I love me some fried green tomatoes and I will put an egg on anything. Outrageous.


Finally, it was a weekend of chocolate. Which is hilarious because (gasp)…
I don’t love chocolate. I’m always the nerd at the restaurant who wants to share the “fruit” or “caramel” thing on the menu rather than the “chocolate whatever.” I know, I’m no fun. However, the people in my life DO like chocolate and I like to cook, so there you go.

It was Manfriend’s birthday, so I made him a simple Chocolate Birthday cake with Chocolate frosting from my favorite baking book: Small Batch Baking. Perfect for baking small amounts or when you want a small cake for 1 or 2!
IMG_7531And finally, I whipped some Chocolate-Dipped delights for co-workers.
On the menu? Sea Salt Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate-Covered Candy Cane Jo-Jos and Chocolate-Dipped Honey Wheat pretzels. I’m still finding melted chocolate in corners of my kitchen.IMG_7536
Dear Santa, please bring me the motivation to work out for Christmas.


What indulgences have you been having lately? Tell me about them!


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