Me & P-Dub

If you’re not reading The Pioneer Woman, that’s a darn shame.

In addition to have DELICIOUS recipes, Ree’s blog is funny, clever and warm.
So imagine my excitement when I saw that Ree was doing a signing here in Cincinnati!
Oh my Lord and Taylor; one of my favorite authors coming to this little corner of the world…and to my favorite bookstore, Joseph-Beth, no less?! A Thanksgiving miracle!

Ree is on tour for her latest cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays.
An absolutely gorgeous hardcover cookbook with over 100 recipes with step-by-step instructions and photos. So perfect for a newbie or someone who just loves visual instructions (ahem, me).

Knowing that P-Dub would attract a huge crowd; I called Jo-Beth the day of the signing to get the scoop. They suggested I pre-order the book over the phone and with that I would receive my line ticket for the signing. Um, sold.

I strolled into Jo-Beth at 5:30 (signing at 6) picked up my books (one for me and one for my friend, Little Mama, who is obsessed with Pioneer Woman as well); and my line ticket.
Right at 6pm, Ree came out and greeted the crowd warmly. She had her two sweet daughters with her, and they were just as darling as they appear on the blog. Because of the large numbers of book signees, she didn’t read from the cookbook but rather got right into the signing. Since, I was line letter “R” I knew I had a while to wait.
Thankfully, Bronte Bistro, located inside Jo-Beth, was serving their usual full menu, plus four dishes created from Ree’s cookbook especially for the event.

Being on my own, I forwent the 1.5 hour line wait for dinner in the dining room and snagged a seat at the bar.

I started with a glass of champagne, I think Ree would have wanted me to.
Although Ree’s menu recipes looked delicious (Cornbread, Chili, Bread Pudding), I opted for a creamy pasta dish, the petite Alpine Pasta:

Alpine Baked Pasta
From the cookbook of Michael Lamonoco, this whole grain
penne pasta is tossed with roasted chicken, red peppers,
leeks, and baby spinach, finished with a creamy fontina and Parmesan cheeses.

Oh yes, that was the ticket. I enjoyed my meal leisurely, and chatted with the other (Ree-waiting) patrons around me. After dinner, the line was up to letter “J”. Sigh.
I ordered an Eggnog Latte to keep me company. It was a perfect sweet treat to end the meal.

Still hovering on letter “M” after my coffee, I found a corner of the bookstore and happily read my cookbook for a while.

5 hours after I arrived, I had my books signed! Ree was unflaggingly gracious and the poor woman had been sitting there for that same amount of time talking to strangers.  I give her major credit! I also applaud the Jo-beth employees, they were kind, organized and patient. Yay for independent booksellers!

When it was my turn to speak to Ree, I told her how much I loved Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (her memoir about meeting and marrying her husband) and that my friend Little Mama and I love her recipes – she told me I  was definitely taking one for the team to get both our books signed in this line. Hey man, it’s what friends do for books! The whole experience could not have been lovelier.

(please ignore my dorky sorority-girl pose)

Such a great way to kick off the holiday season!
Enjoy your Turkey day friends – we’ll be back with more random soon!


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