Spot of Tea

Cheerio friends!
Recently I had my dear friend Nursey to visit for a few days. It was sooooo nice having her and our friend Whit come to stay for a few days. We had massive burgers at Terry’s Turf Club, bought farm-fresh apples at Findlay Market and enjoyed a Cincinnati Haunted Tour (spoiler alert: cholera, while icky, is not scary).

One of the highlights of our trip was high tea at my beloved BonBonnerie. They provide an elegant tea service (by appointment) and we were happy to partake. IMG_6969
Our table set-up for three. Already beautifully set and waiting for us.

IMG_6970 A view from a tea table.

IMG_6972We each selected an individual pot of tea. I chose a Black Currant Herb tea, which was  fruity but with the right amount of body.  I drank it straight-up and it was the perfect complement to what was to come. IMG_6973 Oh and look what came! After a few moments of tea sipping, our Tier of Happiness was brought! This lovely assortment of cakes, savouries and baked goods was enough to feed us three (and then some). IMG_6974
Top Tier Savory Sandwiches: 

Cucumber and fresh Borsin cheese, veggie cream cheese and our creamy egg salad on our homemade buttery dill biscuit.

I loved the little cucumber sandwiches, why don’t we make these more?! So easy, so satisfying. Cucumber sandwiches, I’m coming for you. I liked the roasted red pepper ok, but it didn’t knock my socks off. I’m not a fan of egg salad in any form; but I nibbled the biscuit and loved it. IMG_6975
Middle Tier of BonBonnerie specialties:

Buttery tea cookies and an assortment of French Macaroons, Caramel Nut Bars and Lemon Squares are paired with our specialty double fudge brownies.

We didn’t have Caramel Nut Bars, but we did have this gorgeous, large iced sugar cookie; which was literally too pretty to eat. I’m a fool for French macarons, so I happily dug into one of those as well as their tart and crumbly lemon bars. Those were lemon-tastic. IMG_6980Hello, little beautiful macaron. I love you.

IMG_6976Bottom Tier of Baked Deliciousness

Mini scones made fresh each morning from our classic English
scone recipe, slices of our specialty French quiche served warm tucked in next to thick slices of fruit bread and fresh seasonal berries. Our freshly made clotted cream is served on the side.

I think (gasp), this was my favorite tier. I loved the spinach and cheese quiche, it was incredibly rich, but the serving size was perfect. The apricot scone was a delightful consistency and crumb. The fruit bread was earthy and dense; I was thinking it would make a perfect grilled cheese bread. Mmmm, cheese.

Where was I?
Ah yes, Tea.
IMG_6981We talked, we tasted, we talked some more. Two hours later, we rolled our tea and cookie stuffed selves home. A beautiful afternoon with beautiful friends.

And since there was SO much deliciousness….our tea leftovers became part of our Brunch feast the next morning…IMG_6992(with some additions of fresh apples, Busken donuts and cheese cups as well as a some Trader Joe’s puff pastry treats as well).

I told you, that cookie was literally too pretty to eat.

As of this posting, BonBonnerie High Tea is $25 per adult ($18 per child). They offer some adjustments for children as well: 

The children’s tea is served with Turkey and Colby sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly instead of the savory layer as well as Whoopie Pies and Cutout Cookies instead of bakery pastries.

Spoiler alert (not icky or scary) –
Lots more tea and scones in upcoming posts! 


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