In Between Salads…

…I’ve been enjoying great meals and a ton of great music.
Let’s take a bite out of the random.

I’ve seen several shows lately at the Southgate Revival House.
A revamped church, I love the space and the vibe of the venue.

IMG_5790Recently, I saw 500 Miles to Memphis, a Cincinnati local band and one of my new obsessions. IMG_5792I had a friend visiting from W. Virginia, and brought her to the show. We spent a few hours rocking out and making new friends. Always a good time.

In the same weekend, we went to my beloved Green Dog Cafe . I’m currently obsessed with their BLT, which is a MONSTER sandwich with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and fresh roasted turkey on their homemade poppy seed bread (with basil mayo on the side). I have yet to make it even halfway through one of these (but I won’t stop trying). IMG_5800

A few days later, I was back at Southgate House for more good music! IMG_5998 I got to see my favorites, Lucero. I saw these guys a few years ago when they opened for Social Distortion and I’ve been a super fangirl ever since. If whiskey-soaked indie rock is the soundtrack of your life (as it is mine), then these are the guys for you. Check them out.

Back in the land of OTR…. IMG_6015…a friend and I had a drink and flatbread at Zula.  Zula is new addition to the burgeoning dining scene in OTR and I was happy to try it out. They have gorgeous flatbreads, other bites and a whole side menu devoted to mussels, I die. Can’t wait to try those, as I’m a fool for mussels.  Their flatbread was perfect: the crust was light with the perfect amount of chew and the toppings were flavorful without being overpowering. Their artisan homemade bread is the star here.

The good food continued with a Blue Apron meal later in the week. As you know, I can’t say enough good things about this company; their food quality is excellent and the recipes utilize simple ingredients into something restaurant-worthy. IMG_6181The meal you see above is the Roast Cornish Hen with Mini Baked Potatoes and Spring Vegetable Saute.  I made this meal for two friends, and it fed the three of us easily (with leftovers). I’m not going to lie, I think our pics look better than the one on the website. Just sayin’. This was such an easy meal, but so flavorful, thanks to the fresh ingredients (and liberal amounts of butter, mmmm butter).

On to dessert! IMG_6194I love Trader Joe’s, I love macarons. The fact that Trader Joe’s carries my beloved macarons simply makes me want to stand outside the store with a boom box playing “In Your Eyes”.  Love.

On random Saturday,  I made myself a little Caprese sandwich using fresh mozzarella, Roma Tomatoes, tons of fresh basil all piled on Ezekiel bread. Pesto/cottage cheese and hummus on the side for dipping my green beans. See, occasionally we keep it healthy around here.
IMG_6195In the name of being healthy, I tried a new running route, Lunken Airport. This is a favorite location for runners, walkers and cyclists in Cincinnati; but I’d never been. A friend and I remedied that a few weeks ago. It was beautiful day and we easily walked the 5-mile loop while chatting away. IMG_6205Not a bad view at all.


Stay tuned! There’s more random coming your way soon!  


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