MadTree Brewing

Cincinnati is a city of seven hills. It’s also a city of seven degrees of separation (or less).
More often than not, your neighbor is your co-worker’s dentist or the local bartender is your friend’s cousin. Small world.

MadTree Brewing is one such separation. One of the new owners is my friend’s neighbor.
He and two friends dreamed up MadTree in their free time, and worked hard to make it a reality. Fun fact: They’re the first in the state of Ohio to can their craft beer. Neat.

Open weekends only, the brewery was celebrating the grand opening of their tap-room last month.  I tagged along with my friends to toast their neighbor and his partners on their accomplishment. 

madtreebrewingOn this evening, the tap-room was packed with friends and family, all happily chatting and trying the beer offerings.  There was a game or two of Cornhole being played as well. madtreebrewingYou could say the staff was little busy (yes that is 8 bartenders behind the bar, with a few more in the back I’m sure). madtreebrewingI enjoyed the Gnarly Brown, a brown ale with notes of brown sugar and coffee. Um, yeah, it was as delicious as it sounds. 

madtreebrewingWe also peeked around the brewery to see where the actual magic happens….madtreebrewingLocked, stocked and ready to roll to a liquor store near you (or near me). 

We spent a few hours wandering around, talking to friends (new and old) and sampling the different beers. Food trucks were on-hand in the parking lot to stem the crowd’s hunger. madtreebrewingMadTree Brewing is a fantastic addition to Cincinnati’s rich brewing culture; and a testament to what you can accomplish with friends and a beer.

Go, MadTree, go.


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