Memorial Weekend Feasting

Its been busy around here; but I have several posts coming your way this week.
To kick things off….I hope you had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!
I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Boston with family and friends.
I’m such a spoiled brat.

As we often do, my family headed to Cape Cod for some sun, beach and swimming.
The weather had other ideas.  Cold, rainy and windy had us inside for most of the weekend.

Thank goodness, we had good bloody marys food.

Our first night, we went to an old school favorite, The Silver Lounge. This place is the best of old world Cape Cod. The place is family owned, the servers have been there forever and the seafood is absolutely delicious.

IMG_6280In addition to splitting bottles of red and white wine, the group of us dug into this big ole plate of fresh mussels. They were perfect little bites of shellfish delight. Dunked into drawn butter? Um yeah, awesome.  IMG_6281For my dinner, I had a Boston classic: Baked Cod (with a shrimp scampi topping). I ate every flaky, buttery bite. There is something so comforting to me about baked fish with bread crumb topping; must be a New England thing? (I left the potato/sour cream behind, I was too busy eating every crumb of fish).

Saturday dawned cold and rainy again, so we headed into town for shopping and lunch. I was lucky enough to see two of my good friends and their wee little baby boys. We spent a few hours catching up, lunching (and eating goldfish crackers out of baby cups) at Molly’s Tea Room. I had a delicious freshly-brewed raspberry iced tea, corn chowder and curry chicken salad. I also got in lots of hugs with my two little nephauxs
(best friends’ kids = faux nephews= nephauxs).

IMG_6285In our wanderings, we saw this Lobster Ice Cream at the candy shop. I was too chicken (lobster?) to try it, but the clerk said it was a butter-based ice cream with chunks of lobster in it…Hmmm, I think I prefer my lobster like this.

Saturday night we headed over to my aunt’s house and spent the night eating a grill out feast of burgers, sausages, hot dogs, salads and chips. I also got to catch up my aunt, uncle and cousins. Tons of grill out food and margaritas = good times.

Sunday was a little brighter, but still cool and VERY WINDY. I wanted to run my usual Cape Cod route but it was dang cold (Cincinnati has left this Boston girl less hardy).
I opted for a quick 3 mile run and some ab work in the resort gym.  In lieu of spending another night on the cold, rainy Cape, we decided to have a decadent brunch and then head home early. My family is fun like that. We arrived at the Coonamessett Inn for their buffet brunch. I insisted on ordering their “Sea Mary”; a specialty Bloody Mary made with clam juice (Clamato?) and a GIGANTIC shrimp cocktail in there. I love when my drink includes a snack. IMG_6287After indulging for most of the weekend, I kept brunch on the simple side with tons of sautéed vegetables, baked salmon and a little bit of caprese salad. There may have been a big scoop of homemade apple crumble as well. Judgement ends here.

IMG_6288We headed back to my parents house for more relaxing. I was able to meet a few more friends for an afternoon beer and enjoyed two blueberry beers (with real blueberries in it; again, love a drink and a snack).

Back at the homestead, my mom and sister put together dinner at my request, since somebody’s birthday is coming up (hint: it’s mine).IMG_6293

The feast:
Syrian salad, a simple romaine salad with tomato, cucumbers and radishes with a dressing of lemon, oil, garlic and mint. I literally could eat a bucket of this.
Hushwee (or Biryani): A spiced mix of rice and lamb.
Mama’s Chicken Wings: Seriously, these things are like CRACK. They are perfectly crisp, savory and literally fall off the bone. Amazing. She claims that the recipe is pretty much this one over chicken wings, but I swear she sprinkles fairy dust on them.
And finally..cranberry sauce. We always have cranberry sauce with Hushwee. I don’t question it, I just eat it.

We had birthday cake (Pepperidge Farm Coconut Cake, my favorite) and watched “Behind the Candelabra”, which we all agreed was awesome. Michael Douglas, who knew?

I finished up my weekend with a Monday brunch with my dear friend Beany! She trekked down to the suburbs so we could have brunch at Star’s.IMG_6297We enjoyed bloody marys (OF COURSE) and I had a luscious egg white omelette with caramelized onions and fresh mozzarella. Sweet potato hash browns and pecan raisin toast on the side. There may have been homemade cheddar, bacon tater tots. MAYBE. I loved my omelette and hash browns and Beany and I shared the toast and tots. We spent a few hours catching up and walking around the harbor, a delicious way to end the weekend!

 How was your weekend? Any amazing eats? Any weird ice cream flavors?

Hungry for more Memorial Day? 
Memorial Day 2010


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