Mezza Wednesday

My darling friend Lisa had a few of us over last night to enjoy the warm weather on her patio. She told us not to bring a thing and she would put together a little mezza. Being Jordanian, mezza is near and dear to her heart (as it is to my Lebanese heart).

A casual way of eating in the Middle East, mezza means lots of little (delicious) plates to share.

Lisa put out a pretty hearty mezza if you ask me:

From left:
-Fattoush Salad
-Homemade Hummus
-Whole Wheat Arabic bread
-Mixed olives and feta cheese
-Kebabs: Chicken, Onions and Peppers or Lamb, Beef, Onions and Peppers
-Tzatziki sauce for dipping

IMG_5768It was an absolute feast! That girl knows her way around some sumac.
We also had some unpictured wine. Of course.

No Arabic meal is complete without Turkish coffee
Lisa brought us each a darling little demitasse of the strong, slightly sweet brew.
I love Turkish coffee, the stronger the better and this was delicious. IMG_5775As is custom, after we finished our coffee, we flipped our cups to see if we could read our grounds. IMG_5776Ok, here goes….I see a lamb? A llama? Maybe I’ll make Alpaca sweaters?

IMG_5777A friend’s cup: A face? An oak tree? ET in a hoodie? (these were all our guesses….did I mention we had wine?) IMG_5780Another beautiful night spent with friends around some pretty delicious mezza. Now that’s a Wednesday I can support.

More on a mezza feast? Check out my review of the Phoenician Taverna.


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