Chicken Little

I bought a wee little roasting chicken the other day.
Free range and organic; I spied it comfortably snuggling next to the frying chickens and the chicken legs. I took it home; mostly because it was a little and cute; but partly because I needed something for dinner.

I followed thefabulous Miss Jessica of the blog How Sweets Eats method of roasting, but with the following modifications.
– I rubbed my bird with lots of olive oil, salt pepper as directed; but I also shoved some fresh lemon slices you-know-where.
– I placed my bird over a bag of frozen sliced leeks instead of onions.
– My bird was wee, only 3 lbs, so I roasted this for roughly 70 minutes rather than the prescribed 80-90 (as always, ensure your bird is cooked through to the proper temperature).

And after all that….

Perfect. Literally some of the best chicken I’ve ever made. Real talk. Super tender, not greasy and the flavor was savory with a hint of lemon. Delightful.

The skin crisped up perfectly. It was crunchy and deliciously flavorful. Now I know we don’t “eat the chicken skin” but just this once, nibble on some in protest for the thousands of flavorless, skinless, grilled chicken breasts you’ve forced yourself to eat over the years. Just say NO to flavorless chicken, please? For me? 

This recipe, in addition to being delicious, was easy peasy. To prep and bake, this recipe took about 75 minutes start to finish. When roasting your own chicken, its cheaper and healthier than buying the( albeit lovely) rotisserie chickens from the market.
Cheap, healthy and freakin’ delicious, yeah, I’m into that. 

I served this with the crispy, smushy leeks from the pan, alongside some brown rice tossed with Parmesan cheese with parsley.
I had made an herbed salsa to go with the chicken; but after I put in a bunch of diced jalapeno, the salsa was so spicy it burned my face off. Literally, my lip swelled up and I looked like that episode of the Kardashians where Kris has a “food allergy” in Costa Rica. Not pretty. I pitched the salsa, iced my lip and served this gorgeously tender and crisp chicken  as-is.

It didn’t need a thing besides a fork.
And more ice for my face.


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