Things: Take 2

Trying this again! 

Things I’ve been loving lately:
This luscious Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream from UDF.
I neither like cheesecake or raspberry flavoring; but this is delicious.
Perfectly light tasting and that raspberries taste like raspberries. Exciting.
There’s also a crumble in there; I’m a fool for crumble. This is a limited time item, so I might be hoarding this…no big deal.

When I saw this color at CVS (Essie Turquoise and Caicos), I snatched it up and ran home to paint things, mostly my nails. I loved the matte finish and the minty green color; so springy!

These two treats come highly recommended by my friend Beany.
She found these delights in her Boston grocery store and demanded I find them in mine. After stalking the Kroger for a few weeks, I found them – score! My beloved Sea Salt and Black Pepper Triscuits now made with Brown Rice. Um, love. The texture is crunchier and the crackers are a little denser; I love them. The Coco Cafe is a ready-to-drink latte MADE WITH COCONUT WATER. Hydration and Caffeine? Coco Cafe, marry me.
photo (4)

I’ve raved about this lotion before. Rich, moisturizing but not greasy. And its like $5. Just get some, mmkay?

IMG_5588 IMG_5596
A couple of weeks ago when I was sick with the plague; my dear friend Nursey sent me this adorable Get Well Soup kit from Wine Country Gift Baskets; and it came with two of these adorable soup tureens. It definitely aided in the healing process.

I love, love, love this Mint Sparkling Water. It’s so refreshing.
So darn good with lemon slices (it would be pretty good with vodka and lime too?
Try it and let me know?)


Finally, these J.Crew flats. They’re shiny and gold and girly.
They make me happy.

What are YOU loving lately?


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