The Chutney to My Idli







One of the many things I’m blessed with in my life in Cincinnati is good, dear friends…..who can cook like crazy.

One evening a couple of weeks ago, one of my girlfriends invited myself and another friend over for an impromptu homemade Indian feast, some of it direct from her mama’s kitchen. Who says no to authentic home cooked Indian food? Nobody, that’s who.

The feast:
Methi Thepla (A very thin flatbread that’s  heavily flavored with tumeric and fenugreek)
Idli and Sambar (steamed rice patties served over a vegetarian lentil stew)
Salted Cucumbers

Mint chutney (with mint fresh from mama’s garden)
Plain Yogurt

I love all things rice; so naturally I adored the soft, fluffy Idli. They were perfectly shaped and steamed little patties of ricey heaven (made in an Idli press!) served over the deliciously savory sambar, made with lentils and vegetables. Love. The Methi Thepla were similar to the texture of a corn tortilla; but about 1000x more flavorful with the earthy spices. Methi Thepla are often eaten as a snack or with tea, but I loved dipping them into my sambar.  The cooling mint chutney and creamy yogurt were the perfect accompaniments to all the dishes. Fresh mint is key; my own mama grows her own mint and we use it in a variety of dishes as well. Fresh mint FTW. IMG_5505

This was a great dinner on a cold mid-week night; perfectly satisfying and totally vegetarian. Enjoying the fantastic company of dear friends was just the chutney on the Idli.


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