3 Years of Eating Adventurously

In the excitement of having the plague last week and getting ready for the holiday weekend, I missed a very important date here on YKOS. My 3-year blog anniversary!

March 25, 2010, I threw my first blog post out there and rest has been delicious history.

In celebration of Year 3, I’m pulling out my favorite posts from the past 12 months.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

March 2012
I create a sinful, (but not) cookie recipe.
All other cookie recipes pale in comparison, take that Tollhouse.

April 2012
I discover the joys of chex.com and life as we know it is not the same.
chex mix

May 2012 
I spend a gorgeous weekend in Boston, getting my seafood fix.
Fried clams and lobster bisque. Heck yeah.

June 2012
LOTS of good food talked about in June, including a recap of my trip to RPM Italian in Chicago. I’m still dreaming about that poached egg and polenta…

July 2012 
I recap a quick trip to Kansas City, Kansas, where I eat amazing BBQ….in a gas station. Nothin’ wrong with that.

August 2012
Me, the self-avowed tomato-hater, voluntarily chows baby tomatoes with balsamic glaze, fresh mozzarella and pesto and is unapologetic about it. 

September 2012
Several girlfriends and I took part in Cincinnati’s first Diner En Blanc, a huge,
outdoor pop-up picnic with champagne, a dance floor and balloons. It was magical.


October 2012 
I finally find a brunch place in Cincinnati that combines great food with good booze and a cozy vibe. Honey, I had been waiting for you.

November 2012
The love of kale continues with this easy and health-packed kale salad.
I proceed to eat it for days in between BBQ sandwiches.

December 2012
In the name of holiday celebrating, I pour a bucket of Gingerbread Kaluha into a cheesecake and bring it to a party. Naturally, it was a hit.

January 2013
One random Saturday, friends and I visit a tarot card reader, a flea market and then eat some crazy good fried chicken. Pretty typical.

February 2013 
I decide I might be a genius by making Fettucine Alfredo with no butter or cream.
Yeah me.

March 2013
In a year filled with travel (Nashville, Marco Island, Kansas City, Chicago,
Las Vegas, St. Croix, Boston, Seattle, Cleveland and Miami), one of my favorite trips was to Myrtle Beach, SC. Food, beach and old school fun (oh yeah, and $4 bloody marys).


So there you have it, just a snippet of all the food, travel and fun from this very busy year.

I hope you’ll all come along as we embark on another year of eating adventurously!



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