500 Miles Around Cincinnati

A great Cincinnati weekend! I enjoyed great music, food, wine and BEER!
Not to mention the company of some very fun people.

Let’s get into it. Friday night, I attended the Cincinnati Beerfest. $46 at the door gets you tons of beer tickets and a tasting cup to try over 50 brewers along with several food vendors.

IMG_5279 IMG_5280 IMG_5282 IMG_5284 IMG_5285 IMG_5286 IMG_5287 IMG_5288 IMG_5296 IMG_5298  While I love a good beer; this was a bit overwhelming for me. I heard rumors of a Beerfest app; and I did have a paper map, but it was somehow just easier to wander around and say “that looks good!”. It worked. My favorites (as usual) were the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and of course, my beloved Harpoon. I loved chatting with the Boston team manning the booth, we talked the Harpoon race and seasonal Raspberry Hefeweizen . It was making me homesick for a Boston summer for sure! Over at the  Quaff Bros, I tried their Woodford-aged single barrel bourbon ale and their Big Kahuna, a coconut stout. I liked both well-enough; but I don’t think I could drink a full pint of either. I also tried various summer shandies and a few ciders thrown in. I didn’t leave with a new favorite brew; but nothing was wretched either (win?)

After the beer-ing, the night wasn’t over ! I headed up to MOTR pub to see 500 Miles to Memphis in action. A Cincinnati-based band, I’ve been loving their bluesy, rock sound. I was excited to see that they were playing locally so I had to see them live! IMG_5307Hi boysIMG_5312As I expected, they did not disappoint. It was few hours of amazing music; so happy to see them up close and personal. And….that would be their slide guitar player who finished one set by covering Johnny Cash….covering NIN’s Hurt. Maybe the best 5 minutes of music I’ve seen this year. Real talk.

No trip to MOTR is complete without some fire pit.IMG_5303
Made some friends, swapped some stories, left smelling like a campfire.
That’s a MOTR win.

IMG_5317To round the night de OTR; we stopped into Joe’s Diner for pancakes and yes, fried chicken. Please don’t judge me; it was awesome. Their pancakes tasted like vanilla cake and the fried chicken was a perfectly salty partner to the cakey-sweet goodness.

I rolled myself home and slept like a little carb-filled baby. The next morning I headed to my beloved Findlay market to meet friends for a wine tasting at Market Wines.  Prior to wine-ing, I picked up (spoiler alert!) some Ohio City Pasta and tons of vegetables. I also spied this soup at one of the vendors….(that would be my attempt at  foreshadowing for an upcoming post….stay tuned).

IMG_5324 After Findlay, I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some sweets for a brunch
I was attending on Sunday; and managed to find this in my cart…..IMG_5327

Why yes, that is a caramel vanilla cupcake….


…with caramel inside. Naturally I had to QA the sweets prior to bringing them to my friend’s house. I’m just caring that way.

Sunday-Funday, I made my way over to a friend’s house for a fantastic brunch she put together. IMG_5330

She made this A-MAZING Brie and Zucchini Strata. Seriously, it was DIVINE. The secret ingredient was that there was no crust; but rather layers of sourdough bread on the bottom. SO so good. There was also a deliciously moist and crumbly Coffee Cake and a light and tangy fruit salad. Everything was excellent. Recipes courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens below. Make these items IMMEDIATELY. Seriously, my blog post can wait, go make Strata and Coffee Cake….
Baked Brie Strata
Overnight Coffee Cake

…are you done? Great.

After brunching,  we headed out to a local pub to have an afternoon beer and catch up on  jukebox tunes with some other friends. Such a great way to close out a delicious weekend.

Cincinnati; everyone you know is just a beer/wine/strata away.


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