Greenhouse Tavern

I recently had to head to Cleveland for work again.

Considering the fantastic meals I raved about on my last visit, I wasn’t too upset about having to make the 4 hour drive each way (ok, that part still rots).

After arriving in the Cleve late Sunday night, my co-worker and I had dinner at the acclaimed Greenhouse Tavern. A restaurant focused on local, sustainable and a nose-to-tail experience. I was intrigued. A quick review of their mission on the website claimed that
Chef/Owner Jonathon Sawyer  “believed that the proximity of the farm and soil to a restaurant correlates directly to the quality of its food. This idea encouraged the two to open a restaurant, The Greenhouse Tavern, which evokes the farm to plate movement.” 

I loved everything about this statement, I was sold. IMG_4924On this particular night, after settling into a back corner table, my co-worker and I each ordered a glass of wine to kick things off. The server was wonderfully knowledgeable about the wine list and all things related to dinner which  made the experience extremely comfortableThe decor has a laid back, casual vibe and currently there all types of
old-fashioned bikes adoring the restaurant. Very cozy.

I was trying to be unobtrusive as possible with snapping the iphone pics, so no decor photos.

Considering all the scrumptious sounding appetizers, we kept coming back to ordering the the BREAD BOARD.

Warm Bread & Butter Board w/ a selection of house jams, conserves, yogurts, spreads, schmears, dips, butters & rendered fatty animal love served w/ grilled bread, pugliese, house crackers & country bread for 2-4. 

Anything that says “rendered fatty animal love” I’m ordering, real talk.
Our assortment above came with the following spreads (from L): Rendered Pork love, Smoked Rendered Pork love. Lemon, Mint, Honey Butter, Lavender Butter. Fromage Blanc and Apple Butter.  The breads were thick country whites and delightfully crisp cracker breads. Oh my, oh my. I loved the Lemon, Mint, Honey butter and the Apple butter.The Smoked Rendered Pork love was incredibly rich and so so decadent. Loved every part of this. But who doesn’t love a big pile of bread and fat? Noone, that’s who.

After stuffing myself with breads and smears, I didn’t want too heavy of a dinner.
I ended up ordering chicken wings and a salad.

“What!?”  you’re asking? “You go to a fabulous local restaurant and get a salad and chicken wings, LAME”.

Let’s take a closer look….

IMG_4917That would be a Buttermilk Kale Salad w/ crunchy kale, cucumber & dill yogurt soubaise   and their famous smoked Crispy Chicken Wings Confit w/ roasted jalapeño, lemon juice, scallion & garlic

Oh snap. Seriously, fall of the bone, smoky,  spicy amazing chicken wings. Literally each bite was like a smoky, chickeny happy bite (and yes, that’s a thing). The crisp kale salad and the smooth cucumber yogurt dressing were the perfect accompaniment. I loved this.
IMG_4918However, I was so stuffed from bread, I couldn’t finish my chicken wings and that almost made me cry. Who’s lame, now. 

Because we were happily full from dinner, we couldn’t manage dessert; but can you please look at the dessert menu?

IMG_4920Buttered Popcorn Pot de Creme?

Hot dayam. You know how I feel about all things popcorn.

Want. Now.

Dear Greenhouse Tavern,
I love you. Could you please deliver 2 Buttered Popcorn Pots de Creme to  Cincinnati (and bring some chicken wings).

Hugs and rendered fatty animal love,
Your Kind of Salad

What made this even cooler was that after I tried Greenhouse I discovered Chef’s Widow; a blog written by Greenhouse Tavern’s co-owner, Amelia Sawyer. If you’ve ever been a restaurant widow or just like hearing about the food scene in Cleveland, this blog is for you, check it out. And yes, they include the recipe for the Buttered Popcorn Pot de Creme. Win. 


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