When In Kentucky

Drink bourbon.

Several weeks back, a few friends and I stopped into Virgil’s Cafe in Bellevue Kentucky for some “scratch-cooking” and a bourbon or two.
IMG_4792Virgil’s bills itself as a cafe with a local-focus; procuring items and services from the area; as well as making 90% of their products in-house. Pretty impressive and definitely my type of joint.

The menu definitely has a Southern/Cajun slant; and I wasn’t mad at that at all.
The night we went the dining room was busy but not frantic. And despite the white tablecloth service, the vibe is very laid-back not as upscale as I had heard it to be.

By the time we got settled in our booth, we were more than ready to get started with some appetizers.
IMG_4795 Hi, little happy bowl.
We shared a cup of the Shrimp and Tomato Bisque. It was thick, rich and savory, and even better with those hunks of bread in the background dipped into it. We were off to an excellent start.

IMG_4798Next we shared some salads: The Fennel Salad: shaved fennel, mandarin oranges, green apple, citrus vinaigrette and pistachios.  The fennel salad was delicious!  I love fennel, especially served raw, and the thin slices combined with the acid in the vinaigrette broke down the “rawness” perfectly. Crunchy, citrusy goodness. The garden salad was pretty darn good too, the homemade salad dressing made it even nicer. I also loved my Bulleit Manhattan. When in Kentucky, drink bourbon. I think it’s the law.


For dinner, we shared an entrée and a starter, which was the perfect amount.
IMG_4800Um, hi, I love you.

We shared the Shrimp Creole; shrimp sautéed in creole sauce with cheddar cheese grits and sweet potato shoestring garnish. Why don’t more things have a sweet potato shoestring garnish? This was so sweet and crunchy; a perfect punch to the smooth and creamy grits and slightly spicy shrimp. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Please expect to see a sweet potato shoestring garnish on everything from now on…salads, cereal, yogurt….you get the point. 

We also shared this starter:

IMG_4801Mushrooms Confit: mushrooms preserved in olive oil with roasted shallots, and garlic served baguette slices, fried egg and lemon vinaigrette.

I love an egg on anything. .This was so simple in its ingredients; but so delicious in its execution. Yes, we happily chowed those roasted cloves of garlic, wrapped in lightly toasted bread and dipped into the magic that is a fried egg yolk. I think I liked it, what do you think?

As if I wasn’t already in a happy Southern/Cajun coma; Virgil’s had homemade coconut cream pie on the menu. IMG_4802 This was perfection. That is all

Virgil’s is a comforting and dynamic dining experience; do not miss it.
Or the bourbon, definitely do not miss the bourbon.

It’s the law.


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