Chicken Fried Saturday

A few weekends ago, a couple of girlfriends and I went on a little adventure. We saw a tarot card reader, went to a wild flea market, and then decided it was fried chicken time. Yup, a pretty normal Saturday.

After passing this restaurant during our roadside adventures, we decided what better place to eat some good chicken besides the place that claims to have “The World’s Best Fried Chicken”.
The Hitching Post is a Cincinnati classic and one I was happy to try.

I mean, World’s Best Fried Chicken? Challenge accepted.


The verdict?

Pretty damn good fried chicken. The crust was crisp, not oily, and came away in each delicious crunchy bite. The chicken was super moist and juicy, not greasy at all. I liked that you could order by piece, and I liked the variety of drumstick, breast and thigh. Yeehaw. The sides (that we shared) of mashed potatoes and French fries were finger-lickin good. A soft dinner roll with whipped butter along with an unsweet tea and I was in good ole girl heaven.

World’s Best Fried Chicken? Remains to be seen, but my world’s best chicken? Sure is.


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