Days of December

Hi friends,
In the hustle of the new year; I failed to share my December recap of food adventures. Much like last year, December was a busy month for this girl!
Let’s peek back…

I spent the week of Christmas in my hometown of Boston and it was delightful. I spent the week with family and friends (and all their new babies!) One of the highlights (and there were many) was spending a few hours with two of my oldest girlfriends at a local coffee shop, Red Eye Roasters, a cozy coffee shop located on the harbor (hahbah for those of you reading in Boston). We talked, we laughed, we danced around with my friend’s baby (the other coffee shop patrons loved it). It was awesome.IMG_4707

IMG_4705Hello, beautiful cappuccino. 

Christmas Day dawned bright and early in our house.
(7:30am to be exact, thank you my little niece.)IMG_4738We opened the tornado of gifts and a scratch-ticket or two, I won bupkes (and yes, I just had to google spell “bupkiss”). I, the doting Auntie purchased the giant-living-room-sized Princess Castle Tent for my niece. I think my sister REALLY appreciated it 🙂
On to Christmas brunch!

IMG_4737I know, I know! You’ve seen this meal 100x! What can I say, it’s a family classic:
Lox, Bagel, Herbed Cream Cheese and a Fried Egg. A classic never goes out of style.

After naps, movie-watching and a massive clean-up of all things wrapping-paper related, it was time for the roast beast!IMG_4744My sister put together a beautiful Christmas feast of Spinach & Gruyère stuffed Pork Loin with Shallot Gravy. Um, this was amazing. Spinach and Gruyère are amazing on anything, so I would happily a Spinach and Gruyère covered shoe.. But this wasn’t a shoe, it was a luscious pork loin. So forget the thing about shoes….anyhoo….sides included Dijon Roasted Brussels Sprouts,  Sweet Potato Casserole, Rolls and Green Salad.  Happy stuffed Christmas to us.

IMG_4745My sister bought a darling Yule Log for dessert (or Bouche de Noel, thank you seventh grade French class for imparting that bit of knowledge, Ou est la bibliotheque?). I skipped trying it as I’m not a chocolate cake fan, but look at those meringue mushrooms. Quel mignon!IMG_4753In the days after Christmas, my family and I did alot of lounging around, it was bliss. I brought a little Cincinnati to Boston, and introduced my sister and brother-in-law to Four Roses Bourbon. I do love the Bulleit bourbon, but I’ll take Four Roses or Heaven Hill any day. Mixed with Eggnog and fresh nutmeg…this made for some drunk happy memories.

One afternoon, my sister, niece and I wandered around the North End in Boston, poking in and out of the tiny markets and eating gelato.IMG_4760

IMG_4765 IMG_4762
Can we admire the GIANT jar of Nutella up there? What would one do with that?!
World’s Largest Banana & Nutella Crepe? Mmmm, ok, can someone please get on that?

IMG_4766When we stopped for a gelato, I spied this picture in the back of the restaurant; I love that it’s a picture of Nonnies sitting around eating gelato. So perfect.

IMG_4771Another amazing sweet was had a few a later; my family and I shared this heavenly piece of Coconut Cake from Tosca’s after a delicious Italian dinner.  Coconut Cake with sweet cream cheese frosting, salted caramel chip gelato, candied pecans, chocolate sauce. Salted Caramel Chip Gelato? Will you be my boyfriend? Dayam.

The week wrapped up with my annual Girlfriends Christmas brunch. I was too busy enjoying my friends (and our vicious Yankee swap gifts) to take a single picture.
SO LAME because the food was outstanding. On my urging, my friend Nursey made these AMAZING Eggnog muffins and they were a holiday hit!

My trip to Boston was soooo nice; a perfect mix of friends, family, relaxation and good eats. I arrived home in Cincinnati early to puppysit this little scamp: 
We took walks, we had treats, we played “where’s the ball?” Oh what a time we had.
Loved having this little darling with me for the rest of the week. Sadly, on New Year’s Eve she went home and I went out! I rang in the New Year with dear friends, lots of champagne, and maybe some dancing in the living room. You know, typical. 
December was a great month and great way to end a very busy 2012.
2013, the bar has been set. Your move.


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  1. JenDay says:

    2013 is going to be so awesome. It can’t help itself. It has awesome built right in. 😉

    1. Preach, friend, PREACH.

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