Holiday Happy Place

Holiday friends, hello!
I’m sure you’re knee-deep in last-minute shopping, piles of decorations, pounds of holiday baking all while furiously hunting for left-over vicodin from your wisdom teeth surgery so you can stomach your in-laws/family/neighbors for a few days. In lieu of taking 5-year old dental prescriptions, let’s take  go to a happy place.
In my case, that place was Miami.

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriends and I spent a few days relaxing in Miami Beach. The perfect pre-holiday getaway.

We were guests at the famed Fountainebleau and the gorgeous hotel did not disappoint.
IMG_4486All prettied up for the holidays.IMG_4467Late night cheese plate and drinks at Gotham Steak  IMG_4489Beachside breakfasts. I loved the yogurt parfaits from the cafe at the hotel. I kept raving about how whipped, creamy and delicious their yogurt was. I finally asked them how they made them so creamy…the response? “Oh we whip the yogurt with HEAVY CREAM”, no wonder they were so darn good.  Kind of made me giggle to think of all the health-nuts in the hotel thinking they were having the lightest breakfast option, when really we were all eating whipped cream for breakfast. So perfect.IMG_4497 Lots of beachside champagne cocktails…divine. IMG_4503We toasted my dear friend’s birthday at Meat MarketIMG_4505 IMG_4507

IMG_4517 IMG_4515

Typical of me, we all went to a steak house…..and not one of us ordered steak. Instead we sampled several delicious sides and salads, and they were all fantastic.  IMG_4547

IMG_4543 IMG_4542Poolside drinks and seared tuna salads, a girl could get used to this.  Bonus celebrity sighting; we saw Paris Hilton at our pool! IMG_4561 IMG_4562
Drinks and guacamole on Espanola Way. 
Fantastic poolside salad, full of grilled shrimp, herbed feta and rolled grapeleaves at the Lowe’s pool.IMG_4568 IMG_4566Late-night drinks and people-watching at the SLSIMG_4575
Finally, farewell beers at the airport bar. A necessity.

Now that we’ve had this tropical respite; its back to holiday-stress-induced asthma attacks and drinking boozy egg nog in the morning.




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  1. Jen says:

    SALAD. PLEASE tell me you did not get in the pool after Paris Hilton. gag.

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