Matzoh in Cleveland

As I mentioned in my last post a few weeks ago, I spent some time Cleveland for work.

Sunday night, we had a great dinner at Momocho and then spent a few happy hours contributing to the local economy. Monday afternoon (after morning client meetings); we were in dire search of an awesome lunch spot.

Enter Corky and Lenny’s. A Cleveland institution of deli-fantasticness, we happily settled into one of their booths to get our deli on. 
The menu was pages and pages of deliciousness and I could not decide what to get.
Smoked Salmon? Corned Beef? Hot Pastrami? All three?

Thankfully, we had some pickles to snack on while we discussed the menu. deli_picklesI am a pickle snob (TWSS?) I ONLY like dills (bread&butter pickles? Um, I’ll keep my sugar in my desserts, thank you), and they have to be extremely crunchy and crisp. Corky and Lenny’s offerings were perfect. Very crisp, salty and dill-rific. The pickled green tomatoes were a great touch; but I skipped them.

After much perusal,  I started with some matzoh ball soup. deli_matzoballsoupMy dear friend Andrea introduced me to this magical potion many years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. Can’t eat it without thinking of her. Matzoh memories! (what? it’s a thing).

After happily sipping up the fragrant chicken broth with comforting, carby bites of matzoh, I put it aside to tackle this monster.

deli_reuebenThat would be a hot turkey sandwich with Muenster cheese sandwiched between two thick slabs of buttered toast. Oh and a side of coleslaw. Holy cow, this was good. I loved that the turkey was real, roasted turkey, not deli slices and who could be mad at buttery, thick toast? Noone, that’s who. Since this was such a beast and I had already had soup, I only managed about a fourth of the sandwich. Don’t you worry,  I ate the leftovers later and they were just as awesome.

What was also awesome was this monster sandwich my co-worker got. No, your eyes do not deceive you; that’s corned beef, turkey, cheese, lettuce, 3 slices of rye bread ON ONE SANDWICH.  Wild.

deli_crazysandwichIf you are in the Cleve and have a chance to dine at this deli destination, do so. And get the matzoh ball soup. We’ve got memories to make.


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  1. Jen says:

    Cleveland rocks! Cleveland rocks! Cleveland must be a mecca for sandwiches – because when I visited, they had this special sandwich that had french fries in it – French Fries! In the sandwich!! Genius. Cleveland be for sandwiches (I think that’s their license place slogan).

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