Whatever Makes Your Skirtz Fly Up

I met a friend at my beloved Findlay Market for some shopping and lunch last weekend.
After browsing around the market for a while, it was time to chow down. Hmmm, Greek gyros? Freshly made waffles? Gourmet salads? Amazing Pho?

Too. Many. Awesome. Choices.

Seeing (and smelling) some amazing looking BBQ on folk’s plates, I went in search of smoked pig. After wandering around for a bit, I couldn’t find where the amazingness was coming from. Getting a bit chilled, my friend and I opted to get coffee and a sweet and I would feed my BBQ craving elsewhere. We tottered into Skirtz & Johnson to get our fix. A Cincinnati staple; Skirtz and Johnson is known for their gorgeous bakery items, chocolates and…..delicious lunch menu items.  I spied a homemade BBQ pulled pork sandwich on the menu. The pork gods led me directly to the deliciousness. Thanks, Smokey the Pig.

I ordered the sandwich with a side salad (which came with this amazing creamy pepita dressing).

The verdict? Pigtastic. Perfectly tender and saucy; and I loved the flavor and smoke of the meat. The bun was firm enough to stand-up to the sauce; but as you know, I’m all about the pulled pork, so I left most of it behind. My salad and dressing were crisp and creamy, a perfect accompaniment.

Happy bites.

Skirtz has a lovely eat-in area off from the bakery – a perfect place to relax after market shopping.

Another Cincinnati staple under my belt. Along with some awesome pulled pork in my  face.  Win-win.


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  1. Jen says:

    I hope you are making a list of these places you need to take me. Because you have to add on Findlay Market. I’m packing my bags full of pajamas and a BBQ bib as we speak/type.

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