October’s Gone

October was a busy one for me.  A trip to Seattle to see friends, an impromptu trip to Boston to be with family, plus lots of Cincinnati fun in there. I can’t believe we’re already into November.

But before we get into that delicious,  I still owe you a Seattle recap!

Without further ado….

In early October I got to spend a few days with some old friends. So old, that I knew this couple when they first started dating back in college (and I was a punky junior with
jet-black hair). Now they live in Seattle, have been married for six years, have a sweet little boy and just had their second one. My hair has seen every color of the rainbow since.

My how the times have changed.

I arrived Friday morning and our whirlwind weekend started off with a quick tour of downtown Seattle and a stop at Pike Place Market.

I loved seeing this tourist hot spot; but admittedly, we didn’t spend too much time here….there was good food to eat! After a bit of wandering, we stopped for lunch at Cafe Campagne, a French bistro on the outskirts of the market. It was bright, sunny and had a wine bottle for a lamp. Done and done.

Bonus gawker points: We saw Alanis Morrisette and her husband dining there. Seattle is for celebrities.

I started my lunch with a glass of sparkling rose (I was on vacation – not that I need a reason to drink champagne during the day, right?)

While my friend Tara and I caught up, I enjoyed a beautiful bowl of tomato bisque and a Tuna Nicoise salad. Both were excellent. I loved that the salad was completely deconstructed with each ingredient able to shine on its own. Loved, loved, loved this.

The rest of the day was spent catching up, getting settled at their home and meeting the rest of the family for an early dinner. At said dinner, I proceeded to stuff my face with fresh Alaskan salmon and Seattle craft beers. This would be a theme of the weekend.

The next day, after pancakes and fruit at home, we hit the playground for a while to have my friends’ son burn off some toddler energy….so we could then hit the adults’ playgrounds.

Seattle is famed for their gorgeous wineries and my (incredibly smart) friends are members at several of them. We spent the next few hours happily in and out of tasting rooms trying amazing pinot noirs, riselings and several other varietals.


So fun!

Might be too much fun (hiccup)

(hiccup) might be time to call it a day 

After a beautiful afternoon at four wineries, our DD (thanks Tara!) drove us to a great beach-shack type restaurant on the sound for a sunset dinner. Positively beautiful.

I happily dug into a cup of Seafood gumbo and a Dogfish Pumpkin beer, happy little me.
For my entrée, I had the Seafood Salad, which was a garden salad with fresh Dungeness Crabmeat, grilled Shrimp and fresh Alaskan salmon.

The shrimp was so fresh and snappy, crunch.

Hi, you delicious thing, can I live with you? Seriously some of the freshest Salmon and Crab I’ve had; it was positively delicious.

After a crash-out night of sleep (food and wine coma), we were all up early (those toddlers tend to do that) to have coffee/breakfast at a local cafe.

Seattle coffee (love you 4-eva) and an individual spinach Quiche for me.
Another fantastic meal.

Though my trip was too short, it was amazing to spend time with my friend and their sweet little family. Plus eating and drinking my way through Seattle wasn’t too shabby either.

Here’s to good friends, good travel and good food!

Stay tuned…. I actually cooked this week – I know, I was shocked too!


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  1. Jen says:

    You know what else you owe me Salad? A St. Croix recap! It’s January and I need to see visions of lime/coconut drinks and mongoose!
    PS: I had no idea Seattle had wine – thank God I have this blog to educate myself with so I can make good small talk at parties.

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