Scenes From A Weekend

Drinks at Japps Thursday Night…

Lunch at the fabulous Green Dog Cafe. Those fries, with curry dipping sauce? Kind of life-changing…..later on…bocce and cocktails at my beloved Dutch’s….

Saturday’s all right for music….saw some amazing bands at Midpoint Music Festival Saturday night (totally photo bomb by some revelers…let the music play….)

Sunday afternoon, I had tickets to one of the Constella music events; The Queen City Connections featuring Anthony McGill (clarinet). I had tickets to an event last year that was rained out and the event organizer kindly emailed me (a year later) to offer me complimentary tickets for this event. So very kind and an amazing afternoon of music!

Somehow lunch post-concert ended up back at Dutch’s for their braised short rib grilled cheese. I ain’t mad at that.

I got to see some good friends in from out-of-town Sunday night at Chez Nora, but we were too busy catching up to pull out the camera. But really, you’ve probably had enough of my gratuitous food pictures, right? (um, I hope not)

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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  1. Jen says:

    Many questions arise in my mind from this post:
    1) Is Japps on the way to Foxwoods (and/or Hollywood Casino?)
    2) Seriously, you NEED to take me to Green Dog Cafe when I visit you again. Pajamas or fully clothed, I don’t care – but we are going.
    3) Is Constella for hearing-impaired or illiterate hipsters who think they are going to Coachella? Or do music festivals have to start with a “Co” and end with an “A”? I am not hip to the music scene, so I really do not know; I’m just sitting around rocking out to my bright green sony walkman and recording songs off of MTV on my double-tape deck.

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