A few weekends ago, I joined some girlfriends for a birthday brunch at Nectar, a local restaurant with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. You know I love that.

This place is always packed and I was looking forward to trying it out.
As suggested, I made a reservation for Sunday brunch.

When we arrived, the restaurant was empty (score!) but we were told the back patio was filled (as it was a beautiful day, we definitely wanted to sit outside). The waiter saw that we wanted to sit out and easily moved our group to the back patio once a table opened up; wich was extremely kind of him. We happily enjoyed coffee and gossip while perusing the meu.

After much deliberation, I settled on the Croque Madame for my breakfast:

Blue Oven sourdough rye, smoked prosciutto, cheddar, fig mustard,
fried farm egg, local greens

Once we put our order in, we got back to chatting and waiting for our breakfast…and waiting some more.

I love a leisurely brunch, but this girl was getting hungry! After about 30 or so minutes, our meals arrived. I was a bit surprised by my entrée.

The Croque Madames I’ve had in the past are usually a happy smush of a sandwich with a runny egg making a happy sauce over it;  something more like this. This was toast with a smear of fig jam and prosciutto on it with an egg off to the side. Hmmmm. It came with a side of breakfast potatoes (which I didn’t realize) and I’m not a fan of; so I asked for a side salad (I love salad for breakfast).  I was brought a bit more of the microgreens that were in the sandwich.

Hello wee little microgreens

When I asked the server if they had actual side salads available, she said no. Hmmm.
However, I did like the side of fruit that came with my meal and the coffee was delicious.

My two friends ordered the Chorizo scramble: Fishback Farms pastured eggs with Spanish chorizo, caramelized red onion, Manchego cheese, tomatillo chipotle salsa, crispy red chile potatoes and really enjoyed their meals.

Overall, I enjoyed the ambiance and vibe of Nectar and the food quality and ingredients were excellent. However I did not love my entrée or the pace of service. Nectar is primarily a dinner restaurant so I’d definitely try it again for an evening meal and see how the experiences differ.

How about you? Any restaurant surprises lately?


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  1. Jen says:

    Salad – since you are the leading interwebs authority on salads, I think that Nectar should be ASHAMED of that collection of grass they were trying to pass off to you as a “salad”. I mean COME ON. Is there a yard at Nectar? Because I think they just went outside, pulled up a bunch of clovers and threw them in that plate for you. I think you should have gone all Hannibal Lecter on Nectar after this salad fiasco.

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