Delicious Weekend

Another fun long weekend has come to an end.
Why don’t we have four-day work weeks every week – WHY!?

In order to allay my disappointment at being back at work; let’s relive the weekend shall we?

Friday: Friday night I had an acupuncture appointment. I’ve recently gotten back into regular community acupuncture appointments and I love it. Treatment varies for me but acupuncture can help with muscle aches, stress, headache and quite a bit more. I’m so glad that Cincinnati has affordable community acupuncture! (Want to learn more about this type of practice, click here).  I spent the rest of the night with at a friend’s house drinking wine and watching her paint her dining room. I mean I’m helpful.

Saturday included brunch with friends at Taste of Belgium and a quick trip to Findlay market for weekend supplies. I was on the move; so pictures were scarce. Saturday night included a friend’s surprise birthday party; which was hilarious. I brought a Caprese Pasta Salad (recipe to follow in a separate post).

Fresh basil and Roma tomatoes from Findlay Market

The party was a hit; there was great food, booze and….a karaoke machine. You haven’t lived until you see your party hostess, shoes off, cocktail dress askew belting “Me and Bobby McGee” at the top of her lungs”.  There may be a video. Maybe. Somehow that insanity devolved into a belly dancing party at 3am. What can we say, we like to shake it.

Post Bobby McGee, Pre Belly Dancing

Sunday: Needless to say, Sunday included of coffee and sloth time.  Sunday night was supposed to include watching the fireworks here in Cincinnati; but it was pouring rain and this girl doesn’t like to get her shoes wet. Instead I opted for a few late night drinks with some friends downtown, which then led to me taking this picture in Kentucky at 1am. We love our Wild Turkey bourbon, y’all!

Only in Kentucky….

Monday: Monday I hosted a grillout at my house! A good excuse to scrub my place top to bottom and spend more time with great friends. I kept the menu very simple:
-Homemade burgers (80/20 grass-fed beef seasoned with Cajun spice)
Kroeger & Sons Chicken Sausage (all kinds of yummy varieties like Buffalo Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom)
-Roasted Portobello Mushrooms and Zucchini (tossed with olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper and fresh rosemary)
-Simple Chick Pea salad with Cucumber and Lemon
-Hummus and Veggie dips served with chips and vegetables
-Mixed marinated olives

Friends generously brought beer, wine, chips, dips, homemade meatballs, cookies, brownies and a watermelon, feta and mint salad. We definitely weren’t lacking for grub!

We finished out the weekend with champagne and grill food (but sadly no karaoke).

A great farewell to a busy summer! Here’s to Fall 2012!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Eat anything amazing?


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  1. Jen says:

    OH! Labor day weekend! I was in Vegas (no wonder I was having a hard time remembering whether my weekend was delicious or not in the previous post!). Community acupuncture – now is this a bunch of people poking each other with needles in a big circle while you talk about the weather? Because that’s what I’m picturing. And how can you mention A Taste of Belgium, without actually mentioning what you tasted!!!? Was it Belgian Chocolates, Belgian Waffles? Do they make anything else up there?

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