Back in the Cart

It’s been a few months since I posted a grocery shop. Reason being? I havent been grocery shopping. Why not? A few reasons for that:
– I’ve been a travel maniac
– It’s been hot as Hades
– I’ve had zero motivation to cook

So when I haven’t been eating BBQ I’ve been living on protein shakes, takeaway salads and Thai soup (oh and mini twix from the office candy bowl…whoops). Kind of a yawn for a food blog.

Yesterday was perfect weather, warm but not humid, just right. I spent a delicious morning at the City Flea with some girlfriends, goofing with their babies and eating tacos from Taco Azul, one of Cincinnati’s popular food trucks.



After wandering the Flea for a while, I headed out to do errands. After getting my nails done, chatting with a Boston friend on the phone and getting coffee, I thought, huh, maybe I should buy groceries.

I know it was weird for me too.

Let’s see what I got:


Fruits & Vegetables
Spinach mix
Broccoli (fresh and frozen)
Roma tomatoes (I know!)
Baby cucumbers
Fresh green olives
Local peaches

The fresh veg and olives will go into salads. The tomatoes will go into caprese and the frozen broccoli is for soup. Peaches for snackin’.


Parmesan cheese
1% cottage cheese
Greek yogurt with honey
Organic eggs
Extra firm tofu
Salted caramel gelato
Brie wheel
Organic half and half

Cottage cheese for topping salads,
Greek yogurt for snacks/desserts. Eggs for breakfast, tofu for stir fry. Brie for snacks, organic half and half for coffee and gelato for my face.

Fun stuff


Almond butter
Fresh basil pesto
Raspberry preserves
Vanilla Wafers
Zesty tahini dressing

Almond butter and raspberry preserves for toast, fresh pesto because I’m obsessed. Cookies and wine because they are essentials and a new-to-me salad dressing. Zesty Tahini, fun!

Where’s the beef you ask?
As far as protein goes, I haven’t been cooking meat at home, call it the hot weather, call it lazy, it’s what’s been going down. I have eggs, tofu, cottage cheese and almond butter, all great sources of protein! I’ll get my burger fix at Terry’s

There you have it, all for about $85 from my local Whole Foods.

What did you buy this week? Do you cook meat at home? What’s your favorite gelato?


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  1. Jen says:

    The anticipation is KILLING ME on this one….what will you make! I can’t wait to see it! OH – and interactive questions to boot…I’ll play along!
    1) This week I bought a flash drive. Not sure how to prepare that…might just be a small byte (BYTE – GET IT!? No I’m not a professional comedian).
    2) I cook meat at home. I also eat meat at home, and wear meat at home.
    3) I LOVE all kinds of gelato…my FAVY kinds are pistachio, that strattaciallocatolio-whatever kind, tiramisu, espresso, caramel, and basically any gelato you can buy at a casino (they seem to have lots of gelato at casinos; not sure why? Gamblers love gelato?)

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