Catching up on some previous travels…enjoy!

A few weeks ago I was in Northwest Arkansas for work (I mean it’s not exactly a tourist destination, is it?).

After a long day of TPS reports and PC load lettering, it was time to unwind with some beers and BBQ at one of the local joints, Whole Hog Cafe.  Much like the good people of Cincinnati and Kansas, Arkansans know a thing or two about a pig.

At the Whole Hog Cafe; they don’t just go for a homemade pulled pork and tender ribs,  they go for variety. It is the spice of BBQ life.

The pulled pork comes undressed and you’re encouraged to sample or mix and match from the six varieties of BBQ sauce served on the table.

As per my usual BBQ order, I got pulled pork (a side of cole slaw and dinner roll rounded out my plate).  As I contemplated my naked pork, I reviewed my sauce choices.

Decisions, decisions. Not being much a heat girl, I ruled out Number 3 and “Volcano” ((shudders)).  I did happily try (clockwise on plate) Number 5, Number 6 and Number 1.

I really loved the rich mustard and vinegar flavor of Number 6; this is one of my favorite types of BBQ sauces and not that common in these here parts (these parts being Cincinnati). The sweet molasses and the mild molasses were just that; sweet, rich with a kick of spice. Real talk? I ended up swirling all three together and adding a dollop of Number 4 (Southern vinegar and spice) before dousing my pork in the magical concoction and digging in.  The pork itself was fine; a bit on the dry side for my liking, but overall not bad. The coleslaw had great crunch and low-mayo (two selling points in my book).

My co-workers ordered similarly, and we all spent the next hour happily chowing down on our individual pulled pork and suace concoctions between comments like
“try this sauce, NOW!” or “I mixed this one with this one and made BBQ nirvana” all while we knocked back a few buckets o’ beers.

A great way to end a long day at work and not a piece of flair in sight.

Travel recaps to be continued…


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  1. Jen says:

    In all seriousness – has your oven broken? You seem to have stopped cooking. Come back to us Salad! Come back and cook us a lovely meal!! A fun breakfast! Or even a TV treat!

    Is it because I wrote that post about the pasta that looked like larve?

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