Crab Cake Wednesday

Back home…for now!

Home from the road to a quick dinner at Terry’s Turf Club.

You’ve heard me rave about Terry’s sublime burgers before, but tonight I opted for the Crab Cake. So weird of me, but hey, it’s Wednesday.

And what a Wednesday it was. The crab cake was deliciously crisp on the edges and stuffed with lump crab and herbs. I went crazy and covered the crab cake of love with grilled onions. The lil cup of yum over there is their rosemary garlic sauce. All together, it was kind of….amazing. Burgers, you have been warned.

Instead of fries (I KNOW, its the new Jan Brady), I had the potato salad. I’m a potato salad brat. I don’t like it too mayonnaise-y, or with sugar (shudders), or with hard-boiled eggs (Mother, I’m looking at you). Terry’s version had perfectly cooked red bliss potatoes that still had some snap to them, which I dug. The dressing had lots of fun things like radishes, scallions and almonds (I think?) mixed through it; lots of crunchy goodness. Although a wee bit mayonnaise-y for me, it was downright delightful.

Crab Cakes at Terry’s, who knew?

stay tuned for travel meal recaps… spoiler alert, they involve BBQ.. surprise!


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  1. Jen says:

    Salad – I still see a plate of fries back there? Does that belong to your dining companion? Or just a stranger whos french-fry tentacles were getting AWFULLY close to your food. I mean one of them is nearly TOUCHING your crab cake!

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