You know when you have a bizarre dream about someone and then you can’t look at them the next day? Yeah, I’ll be avoiding eye contact until Thursday, thankyouverymuch.

What does this have to do with today’s post – absolutely nothing!
The joy of being random; I really enjoy it.

You’ve heard me rave about Senate before; but this Cincinnati gem deserves another shout out.

Senate is one of the restaurants that anchor the city’s burgeoning urban revitalization in Over-The-Rhine; our oldest historic district (and in fact, the “largest, most-in tact urban historic district in the country”, thank you Wikipedia).  When I first started visiting Cincinnati, Senate was a newly opened staple; but there wasn’t too much else around it. Over the past year, the area has grown to include many other delicious restaurants, bars and shops. Urban revitalization; always a good thing!

On this particular night; we were all about revitalizing our thirst with Senate’s fun array of cocktails.

To start with, my friend ordered a Kitten Fizz: st germain, tito’s handmade vodka, simple syrup, raspberries & soda. While, I, ever the grapefruit fan, opted for a Gin Paloma; Grapefruit, Tanqueray, Soda and St. Germaine. I loved the Paloma! I don’t always go for gin drinks; but this was really tart and light – perfect for the 1000 degree weather that Cincinnati is currently enjoying (send ice).

Not wanting to appear exclusive, on our next round, we tried two new drinks. We’re equal opportunists like that.
A Rumspringa acucumber infused rum, hibiscus, pineapple, simple & lime
and the Lucy Lou lemoncello, fresh lemon juice, st. germaine and cremant.  I loved trying both of these! Not overly sweet; both of these were refreshingly crisp and far too easy to drink.

Deciding it was probably time for food (imagine that); we each ordered a sandwich from Senate’s decadent menu.

Oh hello, lovers.

The thing to get at Senate is one of their funked-up hot dogs; so my friend happily ordered the Trailer Park, bacon wrapped beef hotdog, american cheese, coleslaw, crushed grippos &brioche bun.  I’ve enjoyed this one before; and it never.gets.old. Chips? Coleslaw? Bacon? HOT DOG? Its Americana magic.

I decided to be different and not order a hot dog; but rather the Lobster BLT, butter braised lobster, bourbon smoked bacon, baked egg bun & basil mayo. This was positively delightful. For our little land-locked valley in Ohio; this lobster was deemed excellent to this born and raised East Coaster’s taste buds. I still dream of Neptune Oyster’s Lobster roll; but this was more than a fair stand-in.

Another successful night at Senate (with more to come I’m sure!)

Now if you’ll excuse me; I have some eye contact to avoid.


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  1. Jen says:

    Your post got me wondering: would Lucy Liu actually order a Lucy Loo to drink? I always thought her more of a dark and stormy kind of drinker…maybe a gin martini (with an onion, not an olive) if she was really getting serious.

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