Get Your Taco On

I hope this title doesn’t come up in sketchy searches….

Anyway….last night I joined friends for a homemade taco feast.


The deliciousness you see there is homemade slow-roasted pulled pork (deliciously spiced with cumin, heat and cinnamon), citrus slaw with extra cilantro, black bean and mango salad, spicy guacamole and a sweet mango salsa. My contribution, unpictured, was a cilantro and lime rice (which came out a little too sticky for my liking, so I’ll skip sharing the recipe). I opted out of the tortillas in favor of scooping the pile of yum with tortilla chips. So. Darn. Good.

The night was only made better by drinking lots of red wine, catching up with friends and listening to Bollywood music. So random and so right.

Enjoy your Sunday!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cooking Cousin says:

    I thought you didn’t do mango, and yet I see TWO mango dishes on one plate! Zowie 🙂

    1. Please see “Dear Mangoes”I’ve slowly developed a love of the mango!

  2. Jen says:

    There’s all together too little blending of mexican and indian cultures – so I’m so glad that you were having a Bollywood party and decided to serve Tacos. It’s like going to a beach party and serving Bangers and Mash. We are the world. Carry on your multi-cultural taco-torch.

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