And More BBQ

Cincinnati is known as Porkopolis; we have serious love of the pork. And while much of our pork love (what?) is in the form of traditional German food, as its part of our city’s heritage; there’s plenty of damn fine BBQ being served up.

Eli’s BBQ fits the damn fine description perfectly. Located by our lovely Ohio river, the folks at Eli’s are serving up some amazing pig. The restaurant itself is pretty small (just a few tables) but the backyard (yes, there is a backyard) is set up with picnic tables and a small field of grass if you feel the need to spread out (or run sprints, I don’t know, maybe?)

On this particular day, I joined some co-workers for an impromptu BBQ lunch.  Being a Judgy Judgerson, I judge BBQ restaurants by their pulled pork. Many, many folks would disagree with me; that rather ribs, sauce or brisket are the way to judge the merits of a BBQ restaurant. To that I say….this is my blog and I’ll judge if I want to.

Being a first-timer to Eli’s, naturally I had to judge try the pulled pork sandwich and macaroni and cheese.

Hello, Pork friend.

This……was some seriously good BBQ. The pork was perfectly pulled and not dry at all (I hate when pulled pork is “scratchy” – you know all dried ends and threads). The bun was a squishy delight (although, I went at the good stuff with just a fork).  I liked that the pork was not too saucy (sauce was provided separately) so the tender meat wasn’t gloopy.
It was just right.

I’m pretty much a fool for homemade mac and cheese; and while this was pretty simple,
it was a bowl of happy comfort food.

Eli’s is BYO, which only adds to the deliciousness; as a cold Dos Equis went perfectly with this backyard BBQ party.

Eli’s – pretty damn fine overall.


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  1. Jen says:

    God I love BBQ…I’m going to need to have some sort of rehab after this blog posting today because there are about 16 different kinds of food that I want to eat. Note to self: don’t comment on a blog hungry.

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