Living Here in Bakersfield

Not really, but what an awesome song.

Where I have been spending a few fun nights has been at Bakersfield OTR, here in Cincinnati. Bakersfield opened last summer as a tequila, whiskey and taco bar and the rest has been margarita-soaked history.

The small, eclectic restaurant is slammed most nights with a mix of local residents and folks in search of an amazing taco. There is usually a fairly lengthy wait for this deliciousness. I typically take my chances with bar seats to get my tequila and taco fix.

Margarita, rocks and salt with a rim of strangers. Perfectly crisp, salty and tequila-y.

Its pretty dim in there; so apologies; my pictures are terrible.
But the food however, is dynamite.

Although they have a limited menu of other items, including absolutely fantastic chips and guacamole, the thing is the taco. Ordered individually, you’re able to get an assortment of the different varieties to try a little bit of everything, and on this particular night; ordered the following:
Short Rib: Braised Short Rib with queso fresco, pickled onion, cilantro and radish
Fish: Crispy Mahi, Tabasco lime sauce, cabbage
Rajas: Portobello, roasted poblano, onion, queso fresco (we ordered two of those)

These are everything you want in a taco (and don’t you want lots of things in tacos?) The right amount of tortilla, perfectly cooked beef, fish or tender mushrooms and then lots of fun crunchy things and cilantro. A few shakes of the homemade hot sauces only add to the goodness.

Bakersfield, with its small interior and party atmosphere is not the place for a quiet moment; but the food, music and crowd certainly make for some unexpected and fun moments.


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  1. Jen says:

    Oh how I wish I had that giant magarita right now! Maybe I’ll remedy that at lunch today…

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