Oh hi. If you can’t tell from the travel recap bonanzas, my life over the last few months has been wild and so much fun!  In addition to ALOT of traveling in the spring, there have been many fun Cincinnati things happening, including some great meals. Before I get to those recaps, enjoy this snapshot of some of the odds and ends from May and June.
Enjoy the random! I always do.

Derby Day 2012. Placed bets. Drank Juleps. Rooted for my favorite. My horse lost but drinking bourbon and mint? Always a win.
Bloody Marys at Teller’s somehow morphed into seeing Cincinnati Rollergirls  (go Black Sheep and Violent Lambs!) Such an unexpected night!

Went for round 2 on the OTR road race. It was hotter than well, OTR in the summer, but the t-shirt was fun and my time wasn’t bad. Win! The block party afterwards and BBQ  on-site from Senate was the pork icing on the road race cake (what?)

Discovered a hidden gem in the form of the loungy back patio at the renovated Marriott Residence Hall. Excellent drinks and appetizers (hello adorable sliders) and the secluded back patio (complete with comfy lounge chairs and fire pit) was a great space for a crowd.
                    Quite possibly my two favorite pictures in the bunch. I snuck in a quick trip to Boston (my rolly bag has never been so loved), for my fill of New England seafood (hello lobster friend) and family time. That would be my adorable father….wearing an eye patch, post-eye surgery. Even with one good eye, the man was still reading a lengthy article regarding the economic state of the EU. Bad.Ass. 

June kicked off with the best of all holidays, my birthday. I was feted by friends and family alike with various sweet concoctions (that dreamy treat there was from an old-school bakery over on the West Side and it was worth (almost) wanting to figure out how to get to the West Side). True to form; I threw myself a themed birthday “Real Housewives of Cincinnati” – let’s just say it involved wigs, champagne, fake Botox shots, a trip to the casino and a bus driver named Wanda. What else could a girl ask for in a birthday?

Panegryi 2012 is one of Cincinnati’s oldest Greek festivals. Friends and I sampled spanikopita, gyro, slouvaki and shook our moneymakers to live Greek music. I’m a sucker for a group dance.

A random afternoon at the ballpark to see the Cincinnati Reds take on the…..ok, can’t remember, but I did have a giant Miller Lite and wore these shoes. I’m dressed wildly inappropriately and I like it.
         How did that get in there? A side trip to Las Vegas had me eating s’mores at the Palms Hotel and winning at the Bellagio. That’s a side trip I can get behind.
June wound up with free Tim McGraw tickets with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve seen this country legend before and I’ll never say no to see him rocking out. Grace Potter and the Nocturals were there as well and killed it. Ended up leaving mid-way because of torrential downpours so we missed the rest of the acts; but Tim McGraw is always worth it. 

So there you have it; a busy couple of months; and that’s not including some of the awesome meals I’ve had. We’ll get to those next!


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  1. Jen says:

    I love me some random! But I do not love these new 500 item recaps…hard to comment on…fun to read though. So, I will pick one topic/photo “at random” and comment on that (my “random” method is to close my eyes and scroll my screen….).

    Well, well, well…my “randomness” landed on that chocolate B-day cake! Suprisingly fitting for today : ). For that, I will say – that is a LOT of chocolate frosting on a cake for 100 degree Cincy summers…hopefully it came with wet naps.

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