All About The Filet

After getting glorious massages and walking shopping off the scrumptious brunch we had, Beany and headed to Gibson’s for a late dinner. It’s no secret that Chicago has a plethora of amazing steak houses; some old school, some new school. To get the full experience, we decided old school was the way to go; and Gibson’s fit the bill perfectly.

The restaurant was dark as hell, atmospheric so my pictures leave ALOT to be desired; but our meal certainly didn’t.

We were served some wonderful crusty bread as we perused the menu; I’m a sucker for fresh raisin bread. While decidding between sirloin and filet, I happily sipped on a dirty martini with bleu-cheese stuffed olives because that IS a steakhouse to me, baby.

Beany and I decided to share an entrée; because did you see the brunch we had?

We both got their house salad; crunchy iceberg smothered in bleu cheese dressing. So retro, so fattening, so good. Between that and the bread, I was ready to call it quits. But wait, there’s more. We shared a petite filet with a side of béarnaise and a baked potato along with some creamed spinach. The kitchen was kind enough to split our entrée for us.

See that deliciously crunchy crust on that steak? Yeah that was kind of amazing. The inside was literally butter. Meat butter. Mmmmm. The sides were good; but pretty standard; this meal was all about the filet.

As you can imagine, my pants were crying uncle from such a rich meal; so we opted out of dessert and coffee. But check out what the people next to us ordered:

Apparently that is a slice of their signature cake – and yes, one slice is the size of a full-size cake. I was trying to think of ways to becomes friends with them so I could try a bite. Remarkably, I didn’t accost strangers for splitsies on their meal. I know, I’m losing my edge.

The Chicago eat-a-thon continues with one more post then its back to the Natti for recent eats!


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  1. Jen says:

    This meal was TO.DIE.FOR. This place really challenged not only the button on my jeans, but also the notion that the sides are better than the main course in a steak house. AU CONTRAIR MON FRAIR! (I don’t speak french). From the bread to start with, to the AMAZEBALLS cocktail and the fabulous salad (with an entire jar of dressing blue cheese dressing on top), this place was EN FUEGO! (I DO speak spanish). My steak was absolutely awesome. I wasn’t THAT into the side of spinach or the sauces, but I was into everything else in this place.

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