Happy Mother’s Day

…to the incredible mothers out there.

-For when you let us wear a kimono to school in the 5th grade because you knew we had to “express” ourselves.

-For when you made us give away the strapless swimsuit that we loooved because you thought it was just ugly (we see that now, it only took 19 years).

-For giving sound friendship advice and giving us a beautiful example of a 70 year friendship with your own best friend.

-For laughing at our weird dating stories and constantly telling us how fantastic we are, no matter what.

Moms out there. You rock.

Some of the above list may have been autobiographical, just maybe.

When I was wished my mom Happy Mother’s Day, she was drinking a bloody mary and waiting for her lobster dinner to arrive.

Yup, she’s pretty fantastic, no matter what.


For the record,the mustachioed man in the photo above is not my father


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    I love our mom! She is the best!

  2. Jen says:

    Where can I find that mustachoied man? From the looks of him, I bet he could cook up something delicious – I sense a cool “iron-chef” battle between Chef Mustache and Salad in an upcoming post…

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