Pass the Dutch-y

Anyone remember that gem from the 1980s? If not, go here to be enlightened.

Last night I tried another Cincinnati classic, Dutch’s Larder. Long heralded a fantastic wine and bottle shop, they’ve recently expanded, and amongst other things, are serving a limited menu of delicious small plates.

A friend and I settled ourselves on their back patio. We shared a bottle of red and a plate of prosciutto, cheeses, jams and a highly addictive hazelnut and honey spread. The wine? Beautiful. The food? Postively fantastic. 
I love eating mezza style, so I really enjoyed creating combination of cheeses, prosciuttos and spreads –  all different sweet and salty complements, love!

When I wasn’t slathering the wonderfully smooth prosciutto with a dab of the quince jam on a tender but chewy crostini, I did manage to notice that in addition the patio, they also have a bocce court, perfect for when you’re feeling oddly tipsy competitive.

    Hi new best friend

I’m trying to come up with a punny “don’t pass this Dutch’s” wrap-up line but I can’t do it to you. I just can’t.
Let’s just say….Dutch’s is fantastic and I’ll see you by the bocce court, I’m feeling tipsy competitive.


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  1. Jen says:

    Salad – no pictures of the bocce court? You are gonna need to get back there soon because I am itching to know what that looked like. Was it on grass? On sand? Were the bocce balls different colors, or just blue and red? Did anyone throw their procuitto onto the court if someone was winning as a gesture of congratulations?

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