Dinners from Last Night II

The quest for the un-boring continued with burgers.

Hand-made Parmesan Parsley Buffalo Burgers with a side of Portobello Mushroom Fries and Dijon Asparagus to be exact.

Not bad, right?  I had heard of the health benefits of buffalo over beef and wanted to try it. Let’s go to the internet for details, folks…..

Buffalo burgers have less cholesterol, less fat, and fewer calories than beef hamburgers and chicken hamburgers. The American Heart Association recommends buffalo burgers because they contain no hormones or antibiotics.[4] The burger is high in nutrients such as protein, zinc, and vitamin B12.[3] Buffalo burgers are more healthy than beef because buffalo do not store as much fat as cattle. (Source)

Smart right? Because the Bison is so lean, I wanted to add some extra flavor by adding sea salt, black pepper, shredded parmesan cheese and parsley. I cooked these medium-rare, and rather than serve them with buns, I opted for creamy, dreamy brie cheese and some lightly grilled onions. You can keep your squashy, flavorless hamburger buns, thankyouverymuch. Portobello fries were just thick cut mushrooms taken for a spin in egg wash, smothered in garlic-flavored panko bread crumbs and baked.  Easy, easy.

We’re tearing the roof off of boring dinners, the party continues tomorrow….


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cooking Cousin says:

    Hey, Salad, so glad to see you’ve discovered the delights of buffalo! We love it here (kids especially, Vince not so much), and find that it makes good sliders on little brioche (no gummy buns here either).

    1. Down with gummy buns!! Bison 4-life 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Um. That is quite the mis-shapen burger. Is that due to the buffalo being hard to work with, or the cook being “impatient” (as we learned in a previous post – that is Salads middle name).

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