Dinners From Last Night

This past week, I  challenged myself to make a “new to me” dinner each night of the week. I was stuck in a dinner rut of the same vegetables and main meals and I wanted to shake things up. More fun than changing pen color, less permanent than a nose ring, I went to the produce aisle for new ideas. Hey, we’re all daring in our own ways.

Dinner was Salmon (typical) but rather than the usual garlic and olive oil or Cajun spices, I baked it with dill, capers and lemon. The resulting flavor was delicate and herby. I served it with Leeks that I braised with butter and a hearty glug of wine.  Finally I made a a mashed Cauliflower with crispy prosciutto. The mashed cauliflower is lighter than a mashed potato, but still creamy and decadent, especially with prosciutto that I had crisped in the oven.

The shake up continues…..


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  1. Jen says:

    “Less permanent than a nose ring”. This reminds me – I used to have a “stick-on” nose ring (a little diamond stud). I had it with me once on a trip to Vegas, and I had fooled an ex-boyfriend into thinking that I had actually gotten my nose pierced in between losing on the slots and downing vodka gimlets. Good times. My point? Not sure…but I think it’s that sometimes nose rings can be non-permanent.

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